As RivalCast Media continues to grow, we will be looking for a number of individuals with different skill sets to keep our content fresh and innovative. Check back here to see all of the opportunities that RivalCast Media will have to offer. If you have an idea, send us an email via one of the content teams below.


RCM Writing

RCM Writing is actively seeking submissions for both fiction and non-fiction topics revolving around sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and technology.
Fiction submissions should fall within the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, thriller, or horror. For articles, our target focus is on specific games, genres, or technical categories, though alternate topic ideas could be considered if the editorial board feels it relates to or would be of interest to the RCM general viewership.

Please submit ideas and samples to Jen.McCafferty@rivalcastmedia.com, subject: Writing submissions.

Written content guidelines:

-Articles should be current, well-written, and factual - be sure to cite sources. If opinion based, be able to back up your reasoning.

All submissions should:
- be submitted either via Google Docs or as an email attachment in .doc, ,docx, or .txt format,
- run one to four pages in length for a single posting. Authors with ideas for longer works to be serialized should send a one-page synopsis of the overarching story idea and a one to four page sample chapter.
- be in 12 point, professional font,
- have proper grammar and paragraph breaks.
- not contain hate speech or sexually explicit content

Internship Opportunities - RCM Writing
College and University students: RCM Writing is now accepting applications for our Summer 2016 internship experience. This program is designed to help novice writers through the basics of online publishing and presenting their work to a global audience. Primary duties for program participants will involve submitting ideas for written content, working with fellow interns on development of written content, constructive critique, using social media strategies for promoting published work, and learning about professional networking in the interest of cultivating a readership. The Summer 2016 program will run from June 1 until August 17, 2016, with the group meeting once a week via web for workshops.

Interested students should contact Jen.McCafferty@rivalcastmedia.com, subject: Summer 2016 Internships, with a brief (100 to 250 word) response to each of the following questions:

1. What computer or video games do you play most? What do you like about them?

2. Do you feel the media generally has a more positive or negative view of gaming culture? Cite examples as appropriate.

3. Do you gravitate more toward fiction or non-fiction writing? What book character do you most relate to, and why?

Deadline for application is Friday, April 29, with interviews taking place the week of April 30-May 7. Successful candidates will be notified by Monday, May 16 and are expected to participate in an orientation meeting on Saturday, May 21.

Video Content

Short Form content generators:
-We are specifically looking to create some short Youtube videos that review and discuss games. If you have an idea for a segment, contact Matthew.Riley@rivalcastmedia.com.

As above, we are looking for motivated individuals that are interested in being broadcast around the world, both to our existing community and to new listeners as we continue to expand. Topics should be similar to those covered by Written Content Contributors, with proposals for content outside of those parameters to be decided by the RCM Governance Council.

Candidates are reminded that this is a professional situation. If granted access to our stream, you will be expected to be a regular part of the community and to conform to certain standards, including having consistent . Email Matt.Trayers@rivalcastmedia.com with questions or to submit yourself for consideration.