Hosted by Karl Dutton
X-Men The Audio Drama retells the adventures of the Uncanny X-Men from the very beginning, using the comic book history and stories as a template while retelling and modernizing the tales. Season One told the classic stories of the "First Class," Season Two now delves into the "All New, All Different" era.
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Latest episodes
Episode 1.11: Battle for Survival
Feb 15th 2015
The Sentinel program has been restarted under the command of Trask's own son Larry. Xavier must bring together not only the X-Men, but all mutants, to fight the battle for mutant survival.
Episode 1.10: Beast
Jan 9th 2015
Hank Mccoy leaves the X-Men, living a normal happy life with his girlfriend Vera, until he tries to have it all. The result is a transformation into a true "Beast."
Episode 1.9.1: Lockdown (Bonus Episode)
Jan 9th 2015
What happens to evil mutants after they are defeated? This special bonus episode tells all. Starring a brand new Mesmero as well as old favorites Blob, Toad, Mastermind and more.
Episode 1.9: Polaris
Dec 13th 2014
A new student arrives at the Xavier Mansion. Her name is Lorna Dane; Her power is Magnetism, a power shared with one other: Her father.
Episode 1.8: Sentinels
Dec 1st 2014
It is Mutantkind's darkest hour as Dr. Bolivar Trask launches the Sentinel program. But little does he know that the AI he created to operate the robots has a grand plan of its own.
Episode 1.7: Reunion
Nov 11th 2014
Scott Summers is given startling news when he discovers that his long lost younger brother, Alex, is alive.
Episode 1.6: Brotherhood, Part 2
Oct 21st 2014
The battle between the Brotherhood and the X-Men comes to a head in this dramatic conclusion.
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Episode 1.5: Brotherhood, Part 1
Sep 20th 2014
Magneto has now formed his "Brotherhood of Mutants", setting them against the world. But with the X-Men scattered, who will be able to stop them?
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Episode 1.4: The Memory Remains
Aug 30th 2014
A nightmare from Jean leads to uncovering a secret that will change everything.
Episode 1.3: The Unstoppable Juggernaut
Aug 14th 2014
Charles Xavier must face his past when his unstoppable step brother is set lose by Magneto. Meanwhile forces begin to gather that will forever change the lives of 5 X-Men.
Music by Declan Gillgalon
Written By Karl Dutton and Drew Kallen