Hosted by Karl Dutton
X-Men The Audio Drama retells the adventures of the Uncanny X-Men from the very beginning, using the comic book history and stories as a template while retelling and modernizing the tales. Season One told the classic stories of the "First Class," Season Two now delves into the "All New, All Different" era.
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Latest episodes
Episode 2.9: Stranded
Dec 19th 2015
Phoenix rushes to save the X-Men, held captive by Magneto. With the stakes as high as they have ever been, and with no way to contact Professor X, the team find themselves...Stranded.
Episode 2.8: Murderworld
Nov 23rd 2015
FINALLY Murderworld is open! The X-Men are put to the test when they are captured by the assassin "Arcade" and placed in his deadly "Murderworld" theme park.
Episode 2.7.5: Series Update October 2015
Oct 28th 2015
We are still around! New episodes coming very soon.
Episode 2.7: Checkmate
Aug 30th 2015
The X-Men barely have time to relax from their recent battles when they discover that the old team's greatest foe has escaped.
Episode 2.6: Phoenix Part 2
Jul 22nd 2015
The X-Men and Phoenix rush to stop the mad Emperor D'Ken from opening the legendary M'Kraan Crystal and destroying all that is and ever will be!
Episode 2.5: Phoenix Part 1
Jul 7th 2015
With Jean Grey possessed by a being called itself "Phoenix" the X-Men must try and discover if what now resides in her body is even Jean at all.
Episode 2.4: The Sentinels Return Part 2
Jun 11th 2015
As half of the X-Men struggle for their freedom against Lang and his Sentinels, the others must rush to find them before it is too late.
Episode 2.3: The Sentinels Return Part 1
May 30th 2015
A Christmas night out is interrupted by the return of some old, colossal nightmares. Based on Uncanny X-Men #99 by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum.
Part 2 next week! Please let me know how you like the shorter episodes. And as always subscribe, rate and comment!
Episode 2.2: The Life and Death of an X-Man
May 7th 2015
The events of Krakoa linger on the students of Xavier's. The new try to fit in, the old wonder if they still do, and the events of their second mission see graver consequences than the X-Men have ever known.
Episode 2.1: Second Genesis
Apr 8th 2015
The X-Men have gone missing: Only Cyclops remains. Professor Xavier must now recruit a team of X-Men. A team that is all new, all different.
Faithfully adapted from Lein Wein and Dave Cockrum's "Giant-Size X-Men #1". This is our first literal adaption, with some changes made to fit within our series and for modernization.