Hosted by The Baroness, BiomedAlchemist, Killer McCoy
RCM On Tap is your 60-ish minute round table discussion on the topics everyone at RivalCast Media is talking about. Killer McCoy, BiomedAlchemist, and the Baroness von Gosu are joined at the bar each week by a different member of the RCM community to share a round and talk about everything from books and music to superstitions and philosophy while tying these topics back to the world of gaming. Join the conversation during their live show Friday nights at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT or weigh in on each week's topic questions posted Mondays and Wednesdays on our Facebook page ( or the Baroness's Twitter feed (@BaronessvGosu).
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Latest episodes
Episode 97
Dec 9th 2016
-Velvet stops by to hang out and talk about her new project, RCM Reality House!
-Chat is definitely in the spirit(s) tonight as the team gives the Magic Hat questions a holiday twist
-RCM Films production of Sigh Hard, starring Killer McCoy, is def gonna be a thing
Episode 96
Dec 2nd 2016
Woman_Scorned graces the Fourth Chair to talk old-school games!
Jen has to model the Stay Puft suit mid-show and we learn why she is not a runner
The Magic Hat keeps spitting out questions that are killing our buzz
Episode 95
Nov 25th 2016
-It’s Porksgiving once again!
-Killer surprises all with his dish
-What are we thankful for?
Episode 94
Nov 18th 2016
-Bio has returned!!!!
-In a shocking twist, Baron’s and Varyar’s respective couches take over chat. We’re still not sure how they were able to type, but they are as articulate as we’d expect them to be.
-Why Risk would be even more amazing with DLC
Episode 93
Nov 11th 2016
-Juho from joins the fourth chair to talk recipes inspired by video games
-Bio wins the gender-neutral Miss America talent competition
-What would be your theme song?
Episode 92
Nov 4th 2016
-Killer has the moderator seat for this breaking news bulletin, but reporter Bio has been missing for three days or weeks (depending on who you ask)
-Varyar totally Chris Hansens Baron
Episode 91
Oct 28th 2016
-This is Halloween! Jen is dressed as Birthday Cat from BL2, Killer is dressed as Frank Farmer from The Bodyguard, and Bio is dressed as...Bio.
-The Magic Hat plays a trick by FINALLY tossing out an Asterisk question...on a night we don’t have a Fourth Chair guest.
-But a treat shows up in chat...Princess Candeye!
Episode 90
Oct 21st 2016
-Rxysurfchic joins the crew in Fourth Chair to talk about her origins as a streamer and how she got to her dream job at Alienware
-The Magic Hat returns!
-Rxy’s cat also guest-stars
Episode 89
Oct 14th 2016
-INcontrol of the Evil Geniuses stops by Fourth Chair, much to Varyar’s unbridled glee
-Thoughts on the future of RTS
-Why Korean BBQ is the best, and favorite experiences from world travels
Episode 88
Oct 7th 2016
-Fen from Ventchat swings by fourth chair and Baron fills in for a stuck-at-work Bio
-The group talks fan gatherings - the good, the creepy, and the OMG AWESOME!
-Turns out Killer’s girlfriend really DOES watch the show! She and Jen are still not fighting.