Hosted by The Baroness, BiomedAlchemist, Killer McCoy
RCM On Tap is your 60-ish minute round table discussion on the topics everyone at RivalCast Media is talking about. Killer McCoy, BiomedAlchemist, and the Baroness von Gosu are joined at the bar each week by a different member of the RCM community to share a round and talk about everything from books and music to superstitions and philosophy while tying these topics back to the world of gaming. Join the conversation during their live show Friday nights at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT or weigh in on each week's topic questions posted Mondays and Wednesdays on our Facebook page ( or the Baroness's Twitter feed (@BaronessvGosu).
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Latest episodes
Episode 56
Feb 26th 2016
-Bio has been resurrected!
-The crew is excited about RivalCon, but not chain office supply stores or safe repair persons
-The Pink Box returns, and Killer’s dates are given a 3.5/5 Yelp review
Episode 51
Jan 22nd 2016
-The guys are out on RCM business, so Vampy and VelvetDove stop by to discuss pertinent women’s issues: how to aid women in oppressed countries (send Varyar to liberate them), plots to win the Powerball (Vampy needs to use her genie ring), and how to deal with both exes and seagulls (we learn the girls are a lot more violent than the guys).
Episode 48
Jan 1st 2016
-A sleep-deprived Baroness is so excited that she kidnaps Hax and Vible to the Tap Room to start the show early, followed by Killer and Baron later on.
-Among the night’s topics: why Luke Skywalker needs to go to the Dark Side, plans for 2016, New Year’s traditions, tangents about language, food, and Freedom Fries.
Episode 47
Dec 26th 2015
-Santa Claus stops by the Tap Room to explain the true workings of Christmas
-The team takes turns singing RCM Christmas carols. Santa is only moderately horrified.
-Who Tweeted It: Ho Ho Ho Edition
Episode 46
Dec 18th 2015
-Lyserg shows his support for Cthulhu
-Baroness breaks the hearts of Star Wars nerds everywhere
-Shout out to Killer's biggest fan/stalker, Tracy, who immediately started disrupting his internet
Episode 49
Jan 8th 2016
-The guys are back, and they brought Dee with them
-The crew goes off on random tangents pretty much the entire show. They didn’t even need the pink box (professionalism!)
-Star Wars: The Asians Awaken!
Episode 50
Jan 15th 2016
-It's game night in the Tap House, sponsored by the film Dirty Dances With Wolves!
-Killer picks some tough trivia questions for his teammates, and Baroness's game of Fact or Crap turns out to be a lot more questionable than originally thought.
-Doesn't matter, though â€" she and Bio are heading to South Korea to go to a sheep cafe!
Episode 21
Jun 26th 2015
-The long-awaited episode with BGM Podcat's Sekani!
-The panel discusses the impact of music in the gaming world.
-What are your favorite soundtracks? What are the worst?
Episode 30
Aug 28th 2015
-Lyserg gets kidnapped for Fourth Chair
-Killer and Bio try to renew their bond of friendship
-Story lines that disappointed us, endings that didn’t fit, and then the ones that got it right
Episode 29
Aug 21st 2015
-On Tap welcomes Miggnor to the Fourth Chair!
-Holy crap, Baroness didn’t botch the intro
-The Magic Hat uncovers some disturbing answers…and we end on a CLIFFHANGER!