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Hosted by The Baroness, BiomedAlchemist, Killer McCoy
RCM On Tap is your 60-ish minute round table discussion on the topics everyone at RivalCast Media is talking about. Killer McCoy, BiomedAlchemist, and the Baroness von Gosu are joined at the bar each week by a different member of the RCM community to share a round and talk about everything from books and music to superstitions and philosophy while tying these topics back to the world of gaming. Join the conversation during their live show Friday nights at 9:30 ET/8:30 CT or weigh in on each week's topic questions posted Mondays and Wednesdays on our Facebook page (facebook.com/rivalcast) or the Baroness's Twitter feed (@BaronessvGosu).
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Latest episodes
Episode 80
Aug 12th 2016
-StrwbryShrtKate stops by to talk about her upcoming charity event and what got her to foray into cooking videos.
-Jen is super excited about going to CornFest
Episode 82
Aug 26th 2016
Sam stops by and explains why "Suicide Squad" sucks
Rivalcastia won the Olympics!!!!!
Da Bark Lurd makes his presence known once more
Episode 83
Sep 2nd 2016
-Deededee stops by to talk WoW: Legion and suck Killer back into the Dark Side
-Killer's wedding song leads to the team planning the most epic action wedding ever (hint: it involves most '80s action stars, explosions, and Killer now being Killerino)
Episode 84
Sep 9th 2016
-Imposter Bio shows up to talk about new Porksgiving Day traditions
-Killer's secret shame...
Episode 78
Jul 29th 2016
-Ceraphus from the Sundering Podcast joins the Tap Team and announces his quest to track down Porkchop
-There is much talk of bacon
-Who is the most macho: Duke Nukem, Serious Sam, or Mr. Torgue from Borderlands?
Episode 77
Jul 23rd 2016
-After being unexpectedly detained the previous evening, the crew returns to entertain the masses with teh_leet_haxor in tow!
-The team talks dumb books, embarrassing game moments, and what their future children would say about them to their therapists
Episode 73
Jun 24th 2016
-In this special episode, we go behind the scenes of RCM On Tap and witness what goes on in the super secret Tap meetings.
Episode 72
Jun 17th 2016
-The table argues over America's best game show host and agree that Bob Barker, Steve Harvey, and Pat Sajak would make an amazing Tri-Force team
-Who do we know personally who would make a good protagonist for a video game? Varyar, of course!
-What's your favorite breakfast? (WARNING: That segment will make you hungry)
Episode 74
Jul 1st 2016
-Recap of everything you missed if you weren't at RivalCon (spoiler: you missed a LOT)
-Baron shares some of his upcoming projects
-How our understanding and appreciation of games have changed over the years
Episode 75
Jul 8th 2016
-Baroness hates the villagers of Stardew Valley and may need to go on the run from the Model Train Mafia
-Bio hypothesizes that his future offspring will be juvenile delinquents and Baroness will force him to fight BattleBots
-Killer, meanwhile, is to have adorable chibi-eyed Killerpatch Kids ® , but will he be able to hold his sighing championship title against Mama McCoy?