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This blog and podcast are here because of my love and frustration with Warcraft lore.

I've been playing World of Warcraft on and off since early 2005. Originally as a Dwarf hunter, later became a Troll Mage, later a Tauren Druid, and of late I spend most of my time playing a Troll Death Knight.

On personal level I struggle with learning disability that effects my ability to write. With the help of my wife and Marathanes I'm able to have them look at my work and point out errors I wouldn't otherwise see. My brain likes to skip words, substitute the wrong word and often spell things wrong 'it' and 'is' 'do' and 'to' for example. 'Very' and 'never' would be another example of my problem. Over the years I have gotten better at spotting these mistakes but from time to time I'll look at post that I think is ok then post it and come back a week later and wonder how anyone can read the darn thing. So I ask you bare with me. My wife and Marathanes are good but I'm a fair bit of trouble.

When not playing World of Warcraft I enjoy woodworking, gardening and reading. Nothing overly remarkable but I like it.

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Latest episodes
Episode 18: Wolfheart Crossover
Sep 21st 2011
In what I hope to be the start larger discussion of the Wolfheart novel I'm joined by Medros on Group Quest to create a joint podcast between our two shows. We were also joined by Hasteur and Moogyver as we plumbed the depths of Wolfheart.
Episode 17: The Sunwell Trilogy review, Part 3
Sep 14th 2011
This week we start the beginning of the end of the Sunwell Trilogy review, but not to be out done Deathstance and I spend almost 3 hours talking about Ghostlands and related issues. As such I've broken the final part of this review into two parts. Its conversations like this one that make doing this podcasts so much fun.
Episode 12: Review of World of Warcraft The Comic Volume 1, Part 1
Aug 10th 2011
This week I review World of Warcraft: The Comic Volume 1 with Richard Aka Loremaster Gentonord from the Lorestories Podcast.
Episode 11: Review of Miles to Go
Aug 3rd 2011
This I review Miles to Go from Warcraft: Legends Volume 2
2 of 5 Stars
Episode 7: Crusade Other Voices Volume 2
Jul 13th 2011
Welcome back to Grand Old Podcast, this weeks episode is a bit different. I have decided to take a week off of reviewing Warcraft stories in order to review the Babylon 5 script book, Crusade: Other Voices Volume 2.
The reason I wanted to review Crusade: Other Voices Volume 2 is because I loved the Crusade tv show in much the same way that Firefly fans talk about losing there show to soon so was it with Crusade for me. Its remarkable that its almost 15 years later we are getting new scripts in the Babylon 5/Crusade Universe.
Episode 6: The Last Guardian
Jul 9th 2011
This week I talk about The Last Guardian I had a lot of fun hunting down audio from Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, Warcraft III and World of Warcraft and putting them into the show. If anyone has any issues let me know
5 out of 5 Stars
Episode 8: Reading of the Prologue to The Shattering
Jul 16th 2011
This episode I did a recording of the Prologue to The Shattering - Prelude to the Catacylysm by Christie Golden.
Episode 9: Potpourri
Jul 21st 2011
This weeks show is again a bit random I open up with a part of an interview with Doug TenNapel from the Coffee and Markets Podcast talking about Story telling in Video Games.
This is followed up by the a short discussion of upcoming Genn Greymane and Sylvanas Windrunner Wickerman speeches. Lets just say Sylvanas is ready to kill some people.
Episode 10: Review of Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects
Jul 27th 2011
This week we review Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects with guests Medros and Hasteur. It was great fun to do reviews with both of these men and I hope to have them on again at some point in the future.
Each of our feelings on the book was very positive.
Episode 51: Review of the Novel Diablo 3: The Order
Jun 13th 2012
This week I'm joined by Fimlys of The Twisting Nether Blogcast and Polygamerous to review the newest Diablo novel The Order by Nate Kenyon.
Fimlys 3.5 of 5