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This blog and podcast are here because of my love and frustration with Warcraft lore.

I've been playing World of Warcraft on and off since early 2005. Originally as a Dwarf hunter, later became a Troll Mage, later a Tauren Druid, and of late I spend most of my time playing a Troll Death Knight.

On personal level I struggle with learning disability that effects my ability to write. With the help of my wife and Marathanes I'm able to have them look at my work and point out errors I wouldn't otherwise see. My brain likes to skip words, substitute the wrong word and often spell things wrong 'it' and 'is' 'do' and 'to' for example. 'Very' and 'never' would be another example of my problem. Over the years I have gotten better at spotting these mistakes but from time to time I'll look at post that I think is ok then post it and come back a week later and wonder how anyone can read the darn thing. So I ask you bare with me. My wife and Marathanes are good but I'm a fair bit of trouble.

When not playing World of Warcraft I enjoy woodworking, gardening and reading. Nothing overly remarkable but I like it.

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Latest episodes
Episode 88: Interview with Micky Neilson and James Waugh
Mar 15th 2013
This week I'm joined by Jame Waugh and Micky Neilson writers of the Curse of the Worgen Graphic novel.
Full Transcript can be found here.
Episode 50: Interview with Emperor1g of The Emperor's Court
Jun 6th 2012
In my third interview as part of my History of Warcraft Podcast series. I have the great pleasure of talking to Emperor of Emperor's Court. We talk about everything from Art historians, 1999 Jim Rome Cleveland tour stop, and Warcraft 3 casting to End of WoWRadio, the failings of OMFG, and much much more. I think you will all enjoy it.
Episode 45: The Book of Khadgar
Apr 19th 2012
This week I return once again to do a reading of a short story about the Book of Khadgar. I follow that up with a bit of talk about Rustie from The Slash 2 Podcast. And finish with my thoughts on a new Warcraft podcast history project I hope to be starting soon.
Episode 44: Metzen Effect
Apr 11th 2012
This week we call our shot and go after the big dogs Chris Metzen and Mass Effect 3. With the help of Janaelle of 5 WoW Things much fun is had. There is quite a bit of cursing so know that going in.
Episode 40: Expansion ideas for after Mists
Feb 26th 2012
I'm not the greatest writer in the world, having a learning disability in written language often limits me. I do my best to over come it on my own but there were just some things I wasn't able to get across in Fridays article Heart of Elune, which had my ideas for a Warcraft expansion. So rather than do my normal show I decided to talk about my idea. Still not sure how well it came across. But this is a idea which a I would love to see even if I honestly never expect it to come to pass.
Episode 39: World of Warcraft: The Comic - Volume 2, Part 2
Feb 15th 2012
This week I'm happy to welcome back Omacron of Scrolls of Lore, to continue our talk about World of Warcraft the Comic Volume 2(Issues 8-14). This podcast is part 2 of 2
Episode 41: Mass Effect: Deception
Mar 14th 2012
This week I come back a from a long break. With a review of the newest Mass Effect Novel Deception by William C. Dietz. If your looking for me to say nice things about something this is not the podcast for you. But its still clean.
Episode 42: Townlong Steppes Cop
Mar 28th 2012
Quick show this week. I still feel show 25 does a great job laying everything out. Short of just complete details of the zones. There are also literally 100's of people trying to be Totalbiscuit right now in the Mists Beta and I have no desire to comb through the good and bad.
This is also part of why I hate do "current" news. Feels like I'm doing the samething as so many other podcasts. So back to stories for me unless I see something I really need to talk about. If you need your lore fix Check out my list of other Warcraft Lore Podcasts. A lot of different favors I dare say they are all better than me .
You all have a good week.
Episode 43: Who's the next Warchief?
Apr 4th 2012
This week I I have a lot for you guys in a fairly short show.
First we have a reading of the story of Dennet from the Dungeons & Dragons Warcraft Roleplaying book(2003).
That is followed but some warcraft podcast nitpicks for for this week.
Episode 20: Ranting about Fire and Iron
Oct 5th 2011
This week I'm joined by Janaell from the 5 WoW Things Podcast to talk about the leader short story Fire and Iron about the leaders of dwarfs of Iron Forge. This one goes off the rails quite a bit and we end up talking about RP and lore of Rift its a fun show if a bit unfocused.