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This blog and podcast are here because of my love and frustration with Warcraft lore.

I've been playing World of Warcraft on and off since early 2005. Originally as a Dwarf hunter, later became a Troll Mage, later a Tauren Druid, and of late I spend most of my time playing a Troll Death Knight.

On personal level I struggle with learning disability that effects my ability to write. With the help of my wife and Marathanes I'm able to have them look at my work and point out errors I wouldn't otherwise see. My brain likes to skip words, substitute the wrong word and often spell things wrong 'it' and 'is' 'do' and 'to' for example. 'Very' and 'never' would be another example of my problem. Over the years I have gotten better at spotting these mistakes but from time to time I'll look at post that I think is ok then post it and come back a week later and wonder how anyone can read the darn thing. So I ask you bare with me. My wife and Marathanes are good but I'm a fair bit of trouble.

When not playing World of Warcraft I enjoy woodworking, gardening and reading. Nothing overly remarkable but I like it.

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Latest episodes
Episode 78: Rustee of the Slash 2 Podcast ~ Part 2
Jan 1st 2013
This week I'm joined again by Rustee of the Slash 2 Podcast for the second part of our mega interview. We take about leaving WoW and coming back, getting into podcasting, the Geekhole, and podcasts working together.
Episode 91: Interview with FreckleFace of Hearthcast
Apr 7th 2013
Started on February 17, 2009, Hearthcast is a causal podcast for the fans of World of Warcraft. The hosts Rewt and Freckleface share their views on the game and how it affects the real world and World of Warcraft.
During my interview with Freckleface, we talk about her original fear of podcasting, how she and Rewt create discussion topics each week and how that difficult that can be during down part of the content cycle. Freckleface talks about her love of pet battles in Warcraft, as well as how her role has changed on Hearthcast over the years, and how to balance the work load between co-hosts. Freckleface also shares the part of Lord of the Clans she found most disturbing. And much more.
Episode 90: Friday Morning in Hawaii
Apr 3rd 2013
Its time again for our once a month non Warcraft show. Scott is back and this time we are Joined by Porkchop
Episode 74: The Warcraft Novels
Dec 5th 2012
This week on Grand Old Podcast I have on Necroxis of the Caverns of Lore podcast. We talk warcraft lore, everything from the lore of patch 5.1, our favorite and least favorite Warcraft Novels, and what we feel works and doesn't work in the Golden and Knaak books. With that we spend way to much time talking about why we both don't like Stormrage. I think you guys will enjoy it.
Episode 73: Interview with Shawn Coons of How I WoW & The Instance
Nov 27th 2012
This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Shawn Coons of How I WoW, as well as guest and one of the original segment creators for The Instance. Shawn talks how he got into podcasting, working with Patrick his co-host, and great people he got to meet while doing How I WoW. People such as Veronica Belmont, Turster, Felicia Day, Scott Johnson, Jonathan Coulton, Marcko, and Alachia. I hope you all enjoy it.
Episode 69: Review of Pearl of Pandaria
Oct 27th 2012
This week on Grand Old Podcast Roger not scared off by his History of Warcraft Podcasting interview is back to review Pearl of Pandaria. But Roger didn't come alone, oh no, he brought Vince his co-host of the Comic Book informer podcast.
However that's not the end of that. Joining me after Roger and Vince is Xantar of the Holy Shatt Podcast. Its a great podcast and I hope you all enjoy it.
Episode 68: Interview with BGO of 5 WoW Things
Aug 27th 2012
This week I welcome on the show thebiggameover or BGO to his friends of the 5 WoW Things Podcast.
Thank everyone that listens each week.
Episode 70: 1 cup Podcasting and 1 cup Lore
Nov 10th 2012
This week I talk about the whats going on around Warcraft podcast community for October
Episode 71: Interview with Elly of the Elunes Grace Podcast
Nov 14th 2012
This week I have the great pleasure of interviewing Elly of Elunes Grace Podcast. Elly shares her thoughts on WoW as well as much of her other gaming experience. Was a great fun.
I apologies also because I recorded outside my normal recording area and there is a bunch of noise in my track I did my best to filter it out but its still there.
Episode 72: Interview with Bryce Erwin of Taverncast
Nov 20th 2012
This week I had the great pleasure of interviewing Bryce Erwin of Taverncast. Taverncast was one of the first World of Warcraft Podcasts and Bryce shares the history of the show and how it changed over the years.