Hosted by Sayomara
This blog and podcast are here because of my love and frustration with Warcraft lore.

I've been playing World of Warcraft on and off since early 2005. Originally as a Dwarf hunter, later became a Troll Mage, later a Tauren Druid, and of late I spend most of my time playing a Troll Death Knight.

On personal level I struggle with learning disability that effects my ability to write. With the help of my wife and Marathanes I'm able to have them look at my work and point out errors I wouldn't otherwise see. My brain likes to skip words, substitute the wrong word and often spell things wrong 'it' and 'is' 'do' and 'to' for example. 'Very' and 'never' would be another example of my problem. Over the years I have gotten better at spotting these mistakes but from time to time I'll look at post that I think is ok then post it and come back a week later and wonder how anyone can read the darn thing. So I ask you bare with me. My wife and Marathanes are good but I'm a fair bit of trouble.

When not playing World of Warcraft I enjoy woodworking, gardening and reading. Nothing overly remarkable but I like it.

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Latest episodes
Episode 93: Patch 5.3 lore
Apr 17th 2013
This week Necro and I talk about the lore of patch 5.3. We ask the question are Alliance getting screwed lorewise in Warcraft?
Episode 92: Review of Curse of the Worgen
Apr 12th 2013
This week I'm joined once again Necroxis as we review the graphic novel written by Micky Neilson and James Waugh art by Ludo Lullabi, Tony Washington Curse of the Worgen. Curse of the Worgen was first published on October 11, 2011.
For more information about the writing of this book check out our interview with the writers Micky Neilson and James Waugh in episode 88.
Episode 89: Interview with Nonmail of nonmailsnutz
Mar 20th 2013
Starting on November 4th 2012, Nonmail’s Nutz is a explicit short form Warcraft podcast, normally only lasting 15-20 minutes. However Nonmail’s history in podcasting goes back much further than that. Nonmail started out listening to podcasts like Wowcohol and he quickly started listening to more and more podcasts until he found Rep Grind Radio, where he became a regular contributor. After a few months of sending emails, he started his own segment call Nonmail’s Nutz, which he eventually used for the name of this own podcast.
After being a guest on one of the final episodes of Rep Grind Radio before its shutting down, Nonmail moved his segment to Rez's new show The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast. Since starting his own podcast Nonmail continues to do segments for Eviscerated Gaming Podcast, all be it a little shorter than the original ones.
During our interview we talked about the novel Tides of War (I have included Nonmail’s original review of Tides of War after the credits). After talking about WoW novels, we talked about what its like to be a mailman, with hours to kill and how that lead to listening to podcasts. We mention how going to an Iron Maiden concert in 1983 makes some podcasts hard to listen too. We delve into his secret life as an Elvis impersonator, what it is like delivering mail around EPSN headquarters, and everything else you have come to expect out of a History of Warcraft podcasting interview
Episode 61: Interview with David Sanna & Steve Hamner of Insider Azeroth!
Aug 27th 2012
Have you ever wondered whatever happened to David Sanna? This week we bring back together the two original hosts of Inside Azeroth, David Sanna and Steve Hamner. We talk about everything from their first podcast The Grind, the Rage ID quit, to Steve Liquid Empire.
Rants are back!
Episode 62: Interview with Cold of Auction House Junkies and The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast!
Sep 4th 2012
This week its my pleasure to welcome Cold of Colds Gold Factory, Auction House Junkies, and The Eviscerated Gaming Podcast. This is a journey down memory lane talking about the good old days in the original World of Warcraft, making gold, pet battles, twink gear and much more. This is the eleventh interview in the History of Warcraft Podcasting Series. I hope you all enjoy the show.
Episode 63: Inteview with Leala Turkey of Epic Dolls
Sep 11th 2012
This week we go back to the year 2007 and bring back the host of one of the early girl focused Warcraft Podcasts, Leala Turkey of Epic Dolls. During the interview we talk about what brought about Epic Dolls, the impact it had a on Leala. Its ripples that can still be seen in Warcraft Podcasting today, and much more. This is the twenth interview in the History of Warcraft Podcast series.
Its a good interview a hope you all enjoy it and I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments.
Episode 65: September Warcraft Podcast Review
Sep 29th 2012
This week I review goings on around the warcraft podcast community for September 2012
Episode 64: Tides of War Review!
Sep 18th 2012
This week I'm joined by Mike, Apsana, and Rewt. We summarize and review the novel Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War by Christie Golden in great detail. We have balling talking about everything from quality of the audio book, Human-Dragon relations, Tide Waves, Blackrock Orces, and much more. We have fun recording this and I hope you all enjoy listening to it.
Episode 59: The tide is coming
Aug 19th 2012
This week I talk about the goings on in the Warcraft podcasting community for August. Notes can be found here.
Episode 58: Interview with Brian Hough of Raid Warning & Galactic Public Radio!
Aug 7th 2012
This week it is my great pleasure to welcome Brian Hough of Raid Warning, The Other Guys, The Creep, and Galactic Public Radio to the show. This is the eighth interview in the History of Warcraft Podcasting Series.
We talking about everything from Azeroth United to the Brains love of football. If there was an ax to grind, it found its mark it this show. I hope you all enjoy it. We did.
Should also be noted that a few days before this episodes went live Brain decided he will be retiring from podcasting. I wish want to wish Brain luck in whatever he does. I want to thank him for letting me join the final Episode of GPR it was ball. Brain is a great podcaster and the community is lessened. Godspeed