Hosted by Baron von Gosu
Co-hosted by Baroness
The internet radio show that takes on the ghosts and phantoms of life and pop culture with beer swilling, judgmental angst.

Airs live from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST/EDT every Sunday.
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Latest episodes
Episode 106
Jan 31st 2016
-Real life horror story: Femme Fatales
-A Nightmare on Remake Street
-Haunted Travel Log: 6 Flags
Episode 105
Aug 3rd 2015
-Real life horror story: The Fugitive
-Jack the Ripper's identity allegedly solved
-Resident Evil 2 remake
Episode 104
Jul 28th 2015
-Real life horror story: Dyatlov Pass Incident/ Kholat
-The Lochness Monster is really a what?
-N'Sync and The Backstreet Boys unite to take on some zombies
Episode 103
Jul 13th 2015
Real life horror story: the exorcist/ Haunted clown museum/ Ash vs. The Evil Dead trailer/ Conspiracy Theory: the flat worlders/ Batman vs. Superman has a new trailer/ the listeners try HARD to get Baron ranting/ The Dresden Files/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
Episode 102
Jul 6th 2015
The show gets derailed by listeners wracking up points in the drinking game/ Baron's must see horror films for the newbie and veteran of the genre/ Real Life Horror Story: Jaws/ Hell Boy 3/ Vampire Hunter-D the series/ Have you ever lied about seeing a horror movie to impress someone?/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
Episode 101
Jun 29th 2015
Review and reflections on Orbfest 2015/ Scream the TV show/ Real Life Horror Story: The Watcher/ Possible plans for Orbfest 2016/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
Episode 99
Jun 22nd 2015
Final lead in to Orbfest 2015 and the 100th episode/ Does the state of Wyoming exist?/ Baroness regales with a creepy story from her stay in London/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
Episode 97
Jun 1st 2015
Ghost hunting demos and tools of the trade/ The Ovilus starts to go off in studio/ Silent Hills rumors/ SOMA release date/ Stephen King's 'IT' gets some news/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
Episode 96
May 25th 2015
Zombies and vampires/ Missing brains/ Friday the 13th remake sequel/ More Konami fallout/ Real Life Horror Stories/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
Episode 95
May 23rd 2015
Season 2 Drinking Game Winner Announced/ Uwe Boll's epic fail/ Alien:Isolation vs. Sega/ Horror game combat- does it suck and need to improve?/ Hollywood director comments on Silent Hills/ Twin Peaks news/ Real Life Horror Stories/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu