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Hosted by Baron von Gosu
Co-hosted by Baroness
The internet radio show that takes on the ghosts and phantoms of life and pop culture with beer swilling, judgmental angst.

Airs live from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST/EDT every Sunday.
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Latest episodes
Episode 59
Sep 10th 2014
-Dexter Seasons 2-5. Does the show tank in quality like listeners warned?
-Has Jack the Ripper's identity finally been solved?
-Listeners score major points in this week's game.....the bastards
Episode 58
Sep 1st 2014
-Five Nights at Freddy's
-Hotel 626: the game you can only play from 6 pm to 6 am because it's 'too scary'
-What's the best scare you ever gave someone? Tell us about it: ghostinthepodcast@gmail.com
Episode 61
Sep 29th 2014
-If a game is made to be scary and it succeeds, is it horror? One journalist argues 'no.'
-Baron goes on a rant about the stupidity of said journalist
-Sleepy Hollow season 2
Episode 62
Oct 6th 2014
-Stalker Monthly: The digital magazine for 21st century "people watchers."
-What do souls taste like?
-The great Netflix assassination
Episode 64
Oct 20th 2014
-Arachnos, Cthulhu, and Elmo begin on the campaign trail for elections
-Baron reviews The Sacrament, Alien Isolation, and American Horror Story Season 4
-How does music impact the horror genre?
Episode 63
Oct 13th 2014
-Spiders invade a St. Louis home....Arachnos arises!
-Vampire graves uncovered in Bulgaria
-Winston Zedmore comments on Ghostbusters 3
Episode 37
Mar 10th 2014
-Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures screw up and give away details of the new Godzilla through their toy line and licensing
-A high school in Detroit is putting on 'Carrie' the musical sparking controversy, rage filled debate, and exploration of educational hypocrisy
-'The Last of Us' is heading to the big screen thanks to Sam Raimi and Ghost House Pictures
Episode 36
Mar 3rd 2014
-Baroness fills in for Lulu and talks about real life ghost stories
-The debate rages on: science and the arrogance of humanity vs. existence of the paranormal
-Godzilla 2014 gets a new trailer and we discuss the potential plot line
Episode 12
Jul 20th 2013
-Baron goes a hunting, and you might come too
-B movies for a B co-host
-Reviews of Hemlock Grove, The Conjuring, and discussing the possibility of Virtual Reality Horror Games
Episode 11
Jun 29th 2013
-Shocker movie review
-More about terrible murdering children
-Psychology in horror movies