Hosted by Baron von Gosu
Co-hosted by Baroness
The internet radio show that takes on the ghosts and phantoms of life and pop culture with beer swilling, judgmental angst.

Airs live from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST/EDT every Sunday.
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Latest episodes
Episode 84
Feb 16th 2015
Baron and Baroness discuss the following: Orbfest 2015 Announcement/ Friday the 13th movie news/ Toy Fair 2015/ Real Life Horror Story: Oh Yeaahhh!/ 11/22/63 the series/ After Hours @ghostinthecast
Episode 86
Mar 9th 2015
Ghosts Gone Wild/ Review of 'Perturbia' which has a demo available on its kickstarter page/ Friday the 13th the series news/ Capcom apology continues/ Update on new Alien movies...again/ Real Life Horror Story: Life After Death/ The Night Marchers/ Lackluster Spider-Man errrrr Spectacular Spider-Man/ @ghostinthecast
Episode 85
Mar 3rd 2015
-Real Life Horror Story: from the magical kingdom/American Horror Story Season 5 News/ Details on the latest patch for 'The Forest'/ Alien gets a greenlight/Mortal Kombat X rumors/ Resident Evil Revelations 2 and the apology to the PC master race/ @ghostinthecast
Episode 99
Jun 22nd 2015
Final lead in to Orbfest 2015 and the 100th episode/ Does the state of Wyoming exist?/ Baroness regales with a creepy story from her stay in London/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
Episode 101
Jun 29th 2015
Review and reflections on Orbfest 2015/ Scream the TV show/ Real Life Horror Story: The Watcher/ Possible plans for Orbfest 2016/ @ghostinthecast, @baronessvgosu
Episode 114
Oct 12th 2015
-The Poltergeist Curse
-More haunted ebay items
-Evil Dead 4???
Episode 113
Oct 5th 2015
-Baroness adventures in Sasquatch country
-The X-Files debuts a trailer
-Sleepy Hollow Season 3 premiere
Episode 112
Sep 29th 2015
-Ohio Grassman
-Does Wyoming exist? (conspiracy theories/government experimentation)
-Robert Englund comments on the new Nightmare
Episode 117
Nov 10th 2015
-The Haunted Item Experiment continues with 'my buddy'
-New haunted travel log
-Friday the 13th the game kickstarter update
Episode 118
Nov 13th 2015
-My Buddy wants your soul and sets off the ghost hunting gear
-Haunted Travel Log: The City of Blizzcon
-Real Life Horror Story: A Nightmare on Elm Street