Hosted by Baron von Gosu
Co-hosted by Baroness
The internet radio show that takes on the ghosts and phantoms of life and pop culture with beer swilling, judgmental angst.

Airs live from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST/EDT every Sunday.
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Latest episodes
Episode 23
Nov 11th 2013
-Clive Barker's Hellraiser remake and the battle of CGI vs. practical effects
-Ghostbusters 3 and the Kickstarter to bail Baron out of jail
-Trailer Trash: Devil's Due
Episode 22
Oct 16th 2013
-Baron creates and illustrates a new youtube sensation
-We talk Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story: Coven, and we get our nerd on debating which is better: Walking Dead the comic or Walking Dead the Show?
-It's time for a Trailer Trash Hoe-down
Episode 21
Sep 30th 2013
-Ghost hunting reality TV shows- Syfy's desperate attempt at ratings competence plus reviews of the shows themselves
-Stephen King has a new book, and also talk Under the Dome mini series, and the best and worst of his books
-Teasers for the possible Halloween special edition of Dead air
Episode 20
Sep 23rd 2013
-Amnesia vs. Outlast
-Let's plays.....or let's not
-Meet the Baroness- Baron's wife spends some time discussing the paranormal
Episode 19
Sep 16th 2013
-What if Disney was a horror story? Which character would be the best killer?
-Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs - Baron gushes, Lulu yawns
-A little more to be said on Real life horror stories
Episode 18
Sep 8th 2013
-Real Life Horror stories: Ariel Castro, Jerry Sandusky, and a Baron rant that earned an IRC ovation
-Sauced up Baron. Where's the whiskey?
-Reason #2 wasn't enough of a reason for you to download this?
Episode 17
Aug 31st 2013
-Emperor guest stars
-Virtual reality gaming part 2: Cruise Control. What if you could play as the killer?
-This podcast is based on a true story based on a game that's based on a movie. Does that make it scarier than the average show??
Episode 16
Aug 24th 2013
-Varyar comes out of the LARPing closet. Tune in to find out which one he has been playing for years.
-Pointing out everything wrong with horror movies.
-Jim Carrey is a hypocritical D-bag
Episode 15
Aug 17th 2013
-Now introducing: THE B TEAM! Varyar fills in for Highlander
-Top 10 bloodless (kinda sorta) horror movies
-What do you mean I'm not allowed to shoot murdering ghost kids in the face?
Episode 14
Aug 10th 2013
-Haunted couches...yes, haunted couches.
-Horror film censorship: how far is too far for shock and awe?
-We talk Home Invasion films, Highlander's drinking past, and another Baron rant