Hosted by Baron von Gosu
Co-hosted by Baroness
The internet radio show that takes on the ghosts and phantoms of life and pop culture with beer swilling, judgmental angst.

Airs live from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST/EDT every Sunday.
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Latest episodes
Episode 33
Feb 4th 2014
-Same show with a new name as Baron strikes a deal with the ghost in the podcast
-Horror movie remakes: are there any franchises left to pilfer from?
-An in-depth look at the new Syfy show Helix, looking back at season one of Sleepy Hollow, and why the best things in horror are happening on the small screen
Episode 32
Jan 26th 2014
-Dr. Funkenstein steals the show's name
-Sleepy Hollow season finale gets 2 thumbs up
-Are horror movie tropes evolving? Clueless adults morph into the villains for young heroes
Episode 31
Jan 20th 2014
-The house from 'A Christmas Story' is getting a paranormal investigation and other ghost stories
-Lulu's Top 5 Favorite Horror Tv Shows
-Dead Air announces their answer to the Oscars: head to the forums to tell us what you think the best Horror Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, tv series, and Jump Scare is in a 2013 horror film. Also include your vote for shittiest horror film of 2013. Find out more on the forums
Episode 30
Jan 13th 2014
-Two Sentence horror stories continue
-The problem with Curses and how Lulu and Baron beat the ghost in the machine
-Capcom calls Resident Evil fans old and obsolete
Episode 29
Dec 29th 2013
-Sorry for the late posting
-Lulu converts Baron to Grimm
-Non-Fiction horror stories: (If) I Did It, Devil in the White City, etc
Episode 28
Dec 23rd 2013
-Top 10 Christmas horror films
-Urban Legends Continues: the babysitter, the hitchhiker, Bloody Mary, and humans can lick, too
-2 sentence horror stories round 3
Episode 27
Dec 16th 2013
-Urban Legends of Hollywood: a hanging munchkin, 3 men and a ghost, and Richard Gere's alleged fondness to gerbils
-Godzilla 2014 trailer review
-Find us on twitter! @baronsdeadair
Episode 26
Dec 2nd 2013
-The Blair Witch loses its witch....but gains Jason Voorhees
-Sin City and Stephen King's 'The Mist becoming TV shows
-A ghost hunting update
Episode 25
Nov 25th 2013
-The Faces of Death
-The Lulu Lust Hour is born....
-More listener 2 sentence horror stories
Episode 24
Nov 22nd 2013
-The weather is coming! The weather is coming!
-Listeners get their 2 sentence long horror stories read on the air
-Latest in horror: Jeepers Creepers 3, From Til Dawn the series, and The Walking Dead gets a spin off series