Hosted by Sayomara
Co-hosted by Scott and Porkchop
A biweekly Podcast, born out of the forge that is the corn fields of Iowa, Sayo, Scott and Porkchop three guys traveling the roads of life rediscovering ourselves and finding the highway to the future.
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Latest episodes
Episode 7: Gambling Everywhere
Jan 18th 2014
This week Scott is out so Porkchop and Sayo talk about Hawaii
Episode 6: Dare to be stupid
Jan 4th 2014
Coming back from a long back Scott talks about the Transformers sound track, Porkchop talks about life with the president on the big island, and Sayo talks about my house almost getting hit by a pickup.
Episode 5: Templeton Rye
Oct 12th 2013
This week I'm joined again by Scott Alvarado, Porkchop, and for the first time LilRex as we sit back have a bit of Templeton Rye and talk about wants been going on in our lives for the past few months. From Porkchop and I meeting in Wilton Iowa and there World Famous Ice Cream Shop, to Scott on the run from the feds in the Badlands. That all leads into talk of Iowa Celebrities, and Templeton Rye. Its a great show and we looking forward to coming back full time come January.
This was originally posted as Grand Old Podcast 102
Episode 4: The Pineapple Serial Killer
Apr 29th 2013
Who is the Pineapple Serial killer? Why does he stalk the islands of Hawaii? Learn this and much more as I'm once again joined by Scott Alvarado and Porkchop. During the show, we have a tale of two tech supports, Scott talks a bit about female serial killers. Did you know calling it a master bedroom is racist? What is bulling? A quick talk about baseball in the 90's. Tales from an unnamed Midwestern hardware store, making your own heat tape and lastly, the epic battle that is to come with North Korea secret Unicorn Army and the sweatpants covered shoppers of Wal-Mart
This was originally posted as Grand Old Podcast 96
Episode 3: So you like to take pictures
Apr 2nd 2013
Scott is back and this time we are Joined by Porkchop who shares with us stories of cock fighting in Hawaii.
This was originally posted as Grand Old Podcast 90
Episode 2: Justin Bieber is Teenaged Aquaman
Feb 26th 2013
Topics Windows 8, Giving family free tech support, Buffalo, Crazy podcast ideas, Kim Komando, Why men are failing in education, Can words solve all our problems? The nature of Power, dying cities, North Korea, New York vs New Jersey, The bloody sock, What do pro athlete do in retirement? Aquaman.
Question: What podcast have you listened to the longest?
This was originally Grand Old Podcast 86
Episode 1: So you like to take pictures
Jan 29th 2013
This is the first time Scott and I come together and talk everything from Iowa to photography
This was originally posted as Grand Old Podcast 82