Hosted by Sayomara
Co-hosted by Scott and Porkchop
A biweekly Podcast, born out of the forge that is the corn fields of Iowa, Sayo, Scott and Porkchop three guys traveling the roads of life rediscovering ourselves and finding the highway to the future.
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Latest episodes
Episode 54: Its been a long time...
Dec 6th 2015
What can I say other than sorry for the long time between updates.
Intro Song: I didn't Know then by Marshall County Hangmen
Outtro Song: I blame you for the Smile on my face by Diana McCorry
Episode 37: Still alive
May 3rd 2015
The gang is all back together and we are still alive
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Show Twitter @Farafieldcast
Episode 40: We never decided on one
Jun 13th 2015
Scott and Porkchop talk about Email while Steve and Sayo are out.
Next show is Sunday June at 8:30 pm CDST.
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Episode 41: Black Swan
Jun 21st 2015
This week Sayo and Steve are back, Porkchop is out and Scott is holding us all together as we talk about coal mining. travel, is ISIS real, and Rosetta and Philae
As mentioned by Steve in the show Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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Episode 38: I look good in a dress
May 15th 2015
This week Scott takes the helm with Steve and Drea.
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Episode 39: Paint it Black
May 27th 2015
This week we talk about Steve is out but Edge fills in. We talk about education, movies and much more
Next show is Sunday June 14 at 8:30 pm CDST.
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Episode 35: We are robots hear us roar
Apr 2nd 2015
This week Steve joins the full crew again talk about AI and roll of humans in a world of increasing automation.
BTW Scott is in need of poop stickers if you have any please let him know.
Next show is Sunday April 12 at 8:30 pm CDST.
Episode 36: On the shoulders of Wiccans
Apr 19th 2015
This week we talk about Scott favorite book On the Shoulders of Giants and how he shaped this world view.
The role of Wiccans in Iowa
Steve's thoughts on Rand Paul
Episode 42: Coming to Des Moines
Jul 5th 2015
Sayo, Scott and Porkchop are together in one place and we felt the need to record a podcast. We talk about Copyright, the prospects for the Iowa and Iowa State football seasons.
Thanks you to Dan for letting us stay at his house and it was great to see Porkchop.
Intro Song: "I Didn't Know Then" by Marshall County Hangmen
Episode 43: How to Evade Property Taxes
Jul 20th 2015
Scott internet died right before the show so we go at with just Sayo, Steve, and Porkchop. Steve talks about his new job working in the gaming industry and the strange books he finds on the floor of bathroom, Porkchop talks about being back in Hawaii, and Sayo talks about he wood working projects and getting ready to go back to school.
Main topics: Super heroes, ducks, and property taxes. This is why you come here every two weeks kids.
Next show: 08/02/15