Hosted by Sayomara
Co-hosted by Scott and Porkchop
A biweekly Podcast, born out of the forge that is the corn fields of Iowa, Sayo, Scott and Porkchop three guys traveling the roads of life rediscovering ourselves and finding the highway to the future.
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Latest episodes
Episode 27: Porkchop STILL did not go to Blizzcon
Dec 9th 2014
This week Sayomara, and Porkchop are join again by Steven Dunnand he is able to control his 4 letter words. Topic in include meeting Thaddeus McCotter, VG Cats, and much more
Episode 26: Porkchop did not go to Blizzcon
Nov 28th 2014
This week Sayomara, Scott and Porkchop talk how Porkchop didnot go to blizzcon, where Obama should put this Presidential Library, and much more
Episode 25: Wicca wookie sex in the woods
Nov 10th 2014
WE RETURN! Scott and Sayo are joined BiomedAlchemist, Baron von Gosu, and Baroness we talk about stores of wikccians, wolves, and wookies.
Episode 24: Who keeps the metric system down
Nov 28th 2014
This week Sayomara, Scott and Porkchop talk bluegrass, work, and life and general
Episode 23: Lost in the woods
Nov 6th 2014
This week Scott is out so Sayomara and Porkchop are joined by Mike P of Stopcast
Episode 22: Journey into Mystery
Sep 17th 2014
This week we talk Gamersgate, Iowa Football, and Scotts new job.
If your looking for some interesting links check out Ed Morrissey talking to Adam Baldwin about the subject
And if your looking for some thoughtful conservative reading in around10,000 words a article check out The Other McCain.
Episode 21: Tech Buzz, Sayo Hit The Snooze
Aug 24th 2014
What can I say but you never hear the Sandman sneaking up on you. This weeks Guest is BiomedAlchemist.
Topics, Tony Stewart, Robin Williams again, trucking, Tech sector hiring and sleeping.
Episode 20: Dating Robin Williams
Aug 6th 2014
This we talk about the life and works of the one as only Robin Williams
Episode 19: Roots the remake with LeBron James as Kunta Kinte
Jul 27th 2014
This week on Far Afield the crew Scott talks about Zoobilee Zoo, R. L. Stine, Carmen Sandiego, and of course we weigh in on the Israel and Palestinian issue.
Episode 18: RUDY RUDY RUDY
Jul 15th 2014
This week the gang is back together and we are talk to Rudy of Crit Heads and Queue Random.