Hosted by Sayomara
Co-hosted by Deededee
Doctor Who Livecast is a weekly podcast where together we watch episodes from the 2005 series in order and share our thoughts and those of our guests and chat room. The goal is to create place where people can gather each week and share there thoughts on Doctor Who with others from around the world.

This show is currently on hiatus.

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Latest episodes
Episode 25: Fear Her
Jun 30th 2014
This week our crew is joined by Highlander1G of The Rival Cast to talk about what is widely considered to be the worst episode of Doctor Who in its 50+ year history.
Episode 24: Love and Monsters
Jun 19th 2014
This week Lilrex has felt little love in his job hunt and his heat has been a monster to Sayo so it only seems fitting its time for one of our favorite episodes of Doctor Who: Love and Monsters!
Episode 23: The Satan Pit
Jun 12th 2014
-Dee returns
-Lilrex vents
-Dr. Who fights Diablo and Daniel Tosh
Episode 22: The Impossible Planet
Jun 5th 2014
8 years and 1 day after the airing of The Impossible Planet, Sayomara, Lilrex and guest kolemsai of the Sheep Moon Podcast talk about why this is one of our favorite episodes.
Episode 21: The Idiot's Lantern
May 31st 2014
This week Say and Rex talk about what might be the worse episode of the new series of Doctor Who, "The Idiot's Lantern."
Episode 20: The Age of Steel
May 22nd 2014
-Rex is BACK and so is Sayo.
-There can only be ONE..... MICKEY!!!!!
Episode 19: Rise of the Cyberman
May 20th 2014
This week Sayo is back Rex is gone and Nonmail delivers as we watch Series 2, Episode 5: "Rise of the Cybermen"
Episode 18: The Girl in the Fire Place
May 8th 2014
-This week it is just Val and Lilrex
-Steam punk mechanical jokers square off against the frost cannon
-And we have Mickey... well, you can't win them all
Episode 17: School Reunion
May 1st 2014
-Sayo has the next 2 weeks off due to finals
-We get to have a fun romp with 2 girls and a robot dog
-Meet the Batgoyle
Episode 16: Tooth and Claw
Apr 24th 2014
-Special guest host Nonmail