Hosted by Sayomara
Co-hosted by Deededee
Doctor Who Livecast is a weekly podcast where together we watch episodes from the 2005 series in order and share our thoughts and those of our guests and chat room. The goal is to create place where people can gather each week and share there thoughts on Doctor Who with others from around the world.

This show is currently on hiatus.

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Latest episodes
Episode 45: Daleks in Manhattan
Nov 13th 2014
This week @Sayomarav and @BiomedAlchemist talk about the Series 3 episode: Daleks in Manhattan
Episode 44: Gridlock
Nov 5th 2014
-Posted unbelievably late - apologies
-Umamor plays host for one of the best episodes of series 3 while Sayo is off doing something else
-Uma and her guest hit on her friend live on the air
Episode 43: The Shakespeare Code
Oct 29th 2014
This week @Sayomarav and @GhostInTheCast talk about the Dan Brown inspired episode for Series 3 of Doctor who: The Shakespeare Code
Episode 42: Smith and Jones
Oct 24th 2014
-Rex and Sayo look at the first real appearance of the companion Martha while talking all sorts of other stuff while waiting for the rhinos to fight the spider.
Episode 41: The Runaway Bride
Oct 17th 2014
-Rex and Sayo get back to where it started, back to the glory of David Tenant and Dr. Who.
Episode 40: End of Days
Oct 9th 2014
-Lilrex and Sayo finally end Torchwood
-Sayo trolls Lilrex in the hardest way imaginable
-Torchwood is dead to us forever. From now on, only Dr. Who on DWLC.
Episode 39: Captain Jack Harkness
Oct 3rd 2014
-Sayo and Rex just hang out and wait for the 2 guys to make out.
Episode 38: Combat
Sep 25th 2014
-Just Rex and Sayo this week talking about the Torchwood version of Fight Club and how many other shows did it better - except Torchwood had better hair.
Episode 37: Out of Time
Sep 18th 2014
-An All-star cast for this episode of TorchWood awfulness (Baron the master of ghosts, Deededee the 100 master, Biomed the crazed alchemist, Umamore the Lilrex hater, Sayomara the brave, and The Best in the World Lilrex)
-After last weeks lie, Rex no longer believes Sayo's opinion about episode quality
-If you are downloading this, you missed the live pre-show
Episode 36: Random Shoes
Sep 14th 2014
-Back to classics as Rex and Sayo watch one of the worst written episodes, not just of Torchwood, but in TV history.
-The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants would have been better.