Hosted by Sayomara
Co-hosted by Deededee
Doctor Who Livecast is a weekly podcast where together we watch episodes from the 2005 series in order and share our thoughts and those of our guests and chat room. The goal is to create place where people can gather each week and share there thoughts on Doctor Who with others from around the world.

This show is currently on hiatus.

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Latest episodes
Episode 32: Small Worlds
Aug 17th 2014
-Back to basics with a duo show.
-Fairies ain't just scary, they be BUSTA scary.
Episode 30: Ghost Machine
Aug 1st 2014
This week look at the second episode Torchwood Season 1, Episode 3: Ghost Machine with guest Umamor.
Episode 29: Day One
Jul 24th 2014
This week look at the second episode Torchwood Season 1 Episode 2: Day 1.
Episode 27: Doomsday
Jul 10th 2014
This week our crew is joined by Dustin D of the Trollcasts to talk about the final episode of Series 2, Doomsday, as well as general overview of what we think of Series 2.
Episode 28: Everything Changes
Jul 17th 2014
We begin our look at the spin off series TorchWood... It's essentially Scooby-Doo for adults.
Episode 17: School Reunion
May 1st 2014
-Sayo has the next 2 weeks off due to finals
-We get to have a fun romp with 2 girls and a robot dog
-Meet the Batgoyle
Episode 16: Tooth and Claw
Apr 24th 2014
-Special guest host Nonmail
Episode 4: Aliens of London
Jan 30th 2014
This week we are visited by "Aliens of London." And they are here to fart.
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Episode 5: World War Three
Feb 7th 2014
This week we have a special guest to hep us get through what is probably the worst episode of Dr. Who in all of season 1 World War Three
Episode 3: The Unquiet Dead
Jan 23rd 2014
Sayo and Rex try to talk with a screaming ghost in the corner.