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A fun World of Warcraft show for adults. Warcraft hijinks and hilarity ensue every Monday, 9:00 PM EST/EDT on
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Latest episodes
Episode 57: Don't Make Us Do It!
Nov 18th 2013
--The guys are presented with the most difficult FMK to date.
--Addressing the QQ surrounding flying in WoD
--How gearing paths could be improved with the new expansion
Episode 56: Mormon Rules
Nov 11th 2013
--Val returns! Glory to be had!
--Warlords of Draenor talk
--Pegatron does them quick
Episode 55: Chris Metzen Drops Trou at Blizzcon
Nov 4th 2013
--No Val tonight, so Bubba and Dee carry the show (OMG BUBBA TALKS)
--Starting a new BC guild "Fifty Shades of Aran". Find out how to join on our forums!
--We play a new game with Dee's mom, "Stump the Pegatron"!
Episode 54: Bonus:  Raid Night!
Oct 24th 2013
--Recorded October 15th, 2013, this is a vent recording of one of our farm nights for our raid team.
--Interested in raiding? Like what you hear? Want to be cool? Join Evangelion on Emerald Dream US (Horde)!
--Add Deededee#1339 or Valentine#1129 to your battletag and have some fun
Episode 53: We Can Be Helpful...Sometimes
Oct 21st 2013
--The Headless Horseman Mount is a myth
--We give class tips for Mages, Rogues and Prot Warriors in SoO
--An FMK that makes us hate being Muggles
Episode 52: F*ck Editing
Oct 14th 2013
--Bubba is a no show, so Val and Dee venture on without him.
--Is Blizzard being lax on their Terms of Service?
--You know you've been playing WoW for along time when...
Episode 51: Dee's Mom for Warchief
Oct 7th 2013
--Bubba ruins our flex raid.
--Val has Green Fire on his Alt Warlock
--We call Dee's Mom for Rapid Fire FMK. You can't miss it!
Episode 50: And Knowing Is Half the Battle
Sep 30th 2013
--It's our 50th episode! And we celebrate by, doing NOTHING different!
--Dee has a horrible. HORRIBLE formula to make the perfect WoW Podcast (yes, it's sattire. Chill out)
--Rapid Fire FMK, is this a new thing?
Episode 49: Chubby Chasers
Sep 16th 2013
--Today's FMK makes Dee feel really insignificant.
--We give our initial thoughts on patch 5.4, and give a rundown on the first 4 bosses of Siege of Orgrimmar
--Dee DC's a lot, and wants to rage at his isp
Episode 48: There's a Patch Tomorrow?
Sep 9th 2013
--We try to tell you how to prep for the patch, when we realize we don't have any clue
--Demi Lovato is the Queen of our heart
--What would we spend lotto winnings on?