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A fun World of Warcraft show for adults. Warcraft hijinks and hilarity ensue every Monday, 9:00 PM EST/EDT on
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Latest episodes
Episode 35
Jun 10th 2013
-Bubba is back!
-We discuss the new Flex Raiding feature coming in 5.4
-Well, we try to anyway, and we get horribly (and hilariously) offtopic
Episode 34
Jun 3rd 2013
-Bubba is a no show tonight, but a surprise guest host in the form of everyone's favorite fail tank, Teutonius!
-With Evangelion's recent kill of Lei Shen, Val, Dee and Teut reflect on this raid tier
-Even more discussion of the Perfect Expansion project
Episode 30
May 8th 2013
-Today we talk about bring the player not the class, and Neverwinter (a little)
-The guys come with you today with a BIG announcement! We have moved over to Rivalcast Media, an internet radio station bringing you the best in gaming culture! You can find the 24/7 stream at We will be streaming our show there starting next week.
-Twitters: @wowuncensored @kolemsai @valthemage @bubbacalebrogue
Episode 31
May 13th 2013
-Val's son gives us a live version of "Real Talk with Keelan"
-A great viewer questions has the trisexuals reminiscing about their first taste of Raiding. #fagmagic
-The guys discuss the Perfect Expansion, and want your input!
Episode 32
May 20th 2013
-Bubba leaves a hole to fill this week (that's what she said)
-We touch on what bad luck we've had this week
-Excellent ideas for the Perfect Expansion!
Episode 33
May 27th 2013
-The Trisexuals start with nothing, and turn it into an AMAZING show! Fagmagic!
-Some quick impressions of 5.3
-More Perfect Expansion ideas! If you have any ideas for your perfect World of Warcraft expansion, post it on our forums!