Hosted by Deededee, Valentine and Bubbacaleb
A fun World of Warcraft show for adults. Warcraft hijinks and hilarity ensue every Monday, 9:00 PM EST/EDT on
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Latest episodes
Episode 77: No Denture Adventure
May 14th 2014
--The most awkward show ever turns into a great one
--New guild is up and running! All are welcome to join <NAILED IT> on Rexxar-US
Episode 76: Hunting for a New Home
May 7th 2014
--Val is so happy, he's randomly bursting into song!
--The guys shop for a new home realm for the guild, and invite you to join!
--The absolute worst segue into a child story EVER.
Episode 75: Warcraft'd
Apr 30th 2014
--Bubba's back! Aaand he has dc'd
--Discussion on the new Raid philosophy
--Val and Dee design the last raid in Warlords
Episode 74: Michael Bay's Sloppy Seconds
Apr 24th 2014
--Once again, we are without Bubba, but did you even really notice?
--A listener asks a legitimate question, and we help the guy out (no, really!)
--Val's heroic raiding, and Dee's mount farming. But we're playing WoW, so we got that going for us, which is nice.
Episode 73: Patches and Paydays
Apr 9th 2014
--Bubba went to a Payday 2 splurge and slept through half of the show, then had net issues the other half. NAILED IT.
--Patch 6.0 alpha notes in yo face!
--If you hadn't already guessed, Payday 2 is our new game fascination
Episode 72: Almost On Topic
Apr 2nd 2014
--Plenty of WoW content (for once) and the crew try their best to talk about it and stay on track.
--Spoiler Alert: They fail
--Surprise guest comes on the show briefly and throws down the gauntlet at Bubba!
Episode 71: Technical Difficulties... Truly Truly Truly Outrageous
Mar 26th 2014
--Technical difficulties destroyed our show, so me made the best out of the last 30 mins we had left
--Bubba is outrageous, truly truly truly outrageous
--Lilrex and Biomedalchemist join Val and Dee and talk about absolutely nothing
Episode 70: Bromance in the Three Kingdoms
Mar 20th 2014
--Actual WoW discussions!
--Val and Dee met in Real Life for the first time, hear the stories!
--Help our Rivalcast Media!
Episode 69: #Bubbalieve!
Mar 12th 2014
--Bubba is back, and we celebrate his win in the Podcaster tournament. Also discuss the first round
--Val is not at all happy about the timeframe of WoD
--For the first time ever, Val and Dee don't agree on something!
Episode 68: Diablo Uncensored!
Mar 5th 2014
--No Bubba tonight, so Dee and Val entertain you, well pretty much the same as usual
--WoW fansites are losing funding. Our opinions and observations
---We've been addicted to Diablo, so we talk about that instead