Hosted by Deededee, Valentine and Bubbacaleb
A fun World of Warcraft show for adults. Warcraft hijinks and hilarity ensue every Monday, 9:00 PM EST/EDT on
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Latest episodes
Episode 37
Jun 25th 2013
--The guys are actually trying now! Be looking out for improvements on the show, and the return of some of your favorite bits
--Some new features that debut today: "Spoiler Alert" and "10 Minutes Because Fuck You That's Why"
--What were the 3 most disappointing raid bosses?
Episode 38
Jul 1st 2013
--Dee is creepy (we already knew that)
--2 Manning Karazhan at level 70
--Bubba hates the Sky Golem
Episode 46: Bonus Episode:  Val's Birthday Descent Into Madness
Aug 21st 2013
--We celebrate Val's Birthday with drunken raiding. Join Dee, Val and friends as we raid, drink, sing cartoon themes, and do famous dances. Witness Bubba's return!
--Email the show!
Episode 47: Pulling A Show Out the Ass
Aug 26th 2013
--We come into the show with nothing, and end with everything! We're pretty damn good at this
--We talk about meeting people from WoW in real life
--We look back on our favorite moments, including expansion launches and random shennanigins in Dalaran
Episode 48: There's a Patch Tomorrow?
Sep 9th 2013
--We try to tell you how to prep for the patch, when we realize we don't have any clue
--Demi Lovato is the Queen of our heart
--What would we spend lotto winnings on?
Episode 49: Chubby Chasers
Sep 16th 2013
--Today's FMK makes Dee feel really insignificant.
--We give our initial thoughts on patch 5.4, and give a rundown on the first 4 bosses of Siege of Orgrimmar
--Dee DC's a lot, and wants to rage at his isp
Episode 45: The Triangle Jerk
Aug 19th 2013
--Speculation on The Dark Below: is it really a hoax?
--Analysis of the patch 5.4 trailer
Episode 44
Aug 12th 2013
--Teut joins us, with the giggles
--Val hates everything
--Happy Thoughts! What Blizzard has done right
Episode 39
Jul 8th 2013
--The only news worth talking about this week, are micro transactions coming to wow?
--An in depth talk about scaling old raids, how it could work and different ways they could implement it
--We recorded a new parody song! "Nerfed Days" can be found toward the end of the show, lyrics will be posted in the forums.