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Latest episodes
Episode 73: Patches and Paydays
Apr 9th 2014
--Bubba went to a Payday 2 splurge and slept through half of the show, then had net issues the other half. NAILED IT.
--Patch 6.0 alpha notes in yo face!
--If you hadn't already guessed, Payday 2 is our new game fascination
Episode 69: #Bubbalieve!
Mar 12th 2014
--Bubba is back, and we celebrate his win in the Podcaster tournament. Also discuss the first round
--Val is not at all happy about the timeframe of WoD
--For the first time ever, Val and Dee don't agree on something!
Episode 68: Diablo Uncensored!
Mar 5th 2014
--No Bubba tonight, so Dee and Val entertain you, well pretty much the same as usual
--WoW fansites are losing funding. Our opinions and observations
---We've been addicted to Diablo, so we talk about that instead
Episode 64: I Have Nipples Greg, Can You Milk Me?
Jan 29th 2014
--We FMK Batmen
--We continue our discussion on the Best and Worst of MoP, this time Environments and Reputations
--World bosses will never be as good as they were in Vanilla
Episode 65: The Casual Elitist
Feb 5th 2014
--We FMK Porn Stars of Yesteryear
--We continue our discussion on the Best and Worst of MoP, this time Talents and Abilities
--What is a Casual Elitist? Well, listen and find out!
Episode 66: The Nothing Show
Feb 12th 2014
--We FMK Muscley Womens
--The guys finally look at that old info graphic thing Blizz put out
--There is a giant thread of nostalgia on mmo-champion
Episode 67: Being Prepared is for the Weak!
Feb 16th 2014
--Going through some of the interviews by WoW Devs
--We try really hard to stay on topic, and fail miserably
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Episode 42
Jul 29th 2013
--OMG WE GOT AN EMAIL! And we spend a long time answering it, because we can
--Rob Pardo is the Lead Creative designer on the next expansion, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?!
--Elegon lol. How overgearing can be a bad thing