Hosted by Lilrex, Edge Damodred, BiomedAlchemist and Shriggs
Join Lilrex, Edge, Biomed and Shriggs as they co-operate with and (possibly) backstab each other through the land of video games, trying to have the least number of deaths at the end of each episode, to claim the grand prize!

This season of Trial & Error features Torchlight II with the Synergies Mod!

Airing Thursdays 7:00PM EST to 8:30PM EST
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Latest episodes
Episode 9: The Steam Summer Sale Acronym
Jul 23rd 2013
Lilrex has a language comprehension problem. Edge decides his Tank needs a serious cannon. And Shriggs re-purposes several acronyms.
The party delves into the Hyperbolic Infinite Dungeon Chamber to prepare for The Final Act.
We discussed our feelings on the Steam Summer Sale that began that day. What we were looking to get, what we hoped would be on even more discounts and how excited were about it given the last major sale was only little more than a half year ago.
Episode 8: The Kickstarter To Kick Our Asses
Jul 12th 2013
Lilrex does absolutely home at least. Edge becomes a consumer product designer. Shriggs bombs when it comes to movie quotes.
The party gets repeatedly annihilated by the Swamps of Degolight with no Frank Oz puppet to save them.
This week we also discuss Tim Schafer's need for more money and just what kind of impact this may have on Kickstarter as a whole and what projects you should be looking at to redeem the service if you think it's failed.
Episode 7: The Date With The Djinni
Jun 24th 2013
Lilrex buys a $20 broken watch. Edge scores a No Death game. And Shriggs decides that just can't happen and back stabs him with trivia!
The trio do the bidding of of a djinni while discussing the proper courting of blow up dolls.
Sadly we must say farewell to our co-host BiomedAlchemist as Real Life has reared its ugly head, making it impossible for him to attend the show for the foreseeable future. He's still very much a part of RCM so feel free to send him a message on the boards.
Episode 6: Season 2 Terraria Preview
Jun 16th 2013
This week Lilrex and Edge give you a preview of Season 2 of Trial & Error featuring Terraria. Lilrex fails in his attempt to fend off deadly boulders while Edge must conquer his fear of sand heights.
Check out the show live on Twitch TV(channel rivalcastmedia), Thursdays at 7:00PM EST.
If you have a suggestion for Terraria mods you would like to see featured, email me a link( and we will take a look. Right now we are leaning towards tConfig based mods as that seems to be where all the creative wackiness is happening in the Terraria mod scene.
Episode 5: The Great Desert Chat Channel Mirage
Jun 8th 2013
Lilrex stalks a beauty pagent while 'at a conference'. Edge 'gives' Lilrex some trivia help. Biomed freaks people out at an airport with hysterical laughter. And Shriggs thinks it rains basketballs in Alaska.
The whole party eventually comes to the conclusion that they are wandering the desert aimlessly but take comfort in the constant kicking of Darahas from the channel.
(1:53) Free To Invade Show Audience Competition Announcement
Episode 4: The Plugging Of The Fake Dictionary
May 31st 2013
Lilrex faces his fear of trivia again and unleashes Funkadactyls upon us. Edge recovers both his mini-map and from his previously bad week. Filling in for BiomedAlchemist this week, Darahas, who decided to wear out the sad trombone drop-in to the point where it threatened to quit the show. And Shriggs decides the English language needs a few more words.
We all join in Shriggs' effort to "enhance" the English language while trying to find ways to fill our contractual obligation of plugging other shows on RivalCast Media.
Check out the show live on Twitch TV, Thursdays at 7:00PM EST.
Episode 3: The Wall of Mobs
May 25th 2013
Lilrex just can't get turned on by goat in a sweater. Edge needs his hand held because he couldn't figure out how to get mini-map to come back to him. Bio plays from an old rocking chair with a glass of lemonade and experiences hearing loss. Shriggs ninja vanishes from the episode but couldn't escape trivial deaths.
The party faces off against The Wall of Mobs!
Check out the show live on Twitch TV, Thursdays at 7:00PM EST.
Episode 2: The Tag Team Match
May 17th 2013
This week Lilrex eats the ground for about 20 minutes, Edge learns tankineer isn't quite a match for Synergies, Biomed meets "Kermit The Frog" and Shriggs learns there's a lot of B-Movies that need to be made.
Everyone gets their rear ends handed to them by a father and son duo.
Episode 1: The Journey Begins...
May 10th 2013
Today the guys see the intro for the first time, we go over the show concept and introduce the Trials & Triviations segment! Lilrex, for all his fantasies doesn't know what Barbie's measurements would be in real life! Edge learns that tilde(`) sucks for a voice chat key when going between 7 different windows. Biomed says "screw the government, I'm going to play Torchlight II". And Shriggs decides dinner is more important than his comrades fighting the endless hordes of mobs!
And we all learn that the Derinkuyu Dungeon likes to repopulate like rabbits when you're not there!