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A World of Warcraft show that holds a cynical view of the Warcraft game and community of today. You can find the live show and streams of WoW and other stuff at

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Latest episodes
Episode 77: Round 3: Fight! (Abolish the Unsavory!)
Mar 20th 2014
-Slight mic issues this episode, apologies.
-Round 2 is finished! The sweet sixteen is upon us!
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Episode 76: Round 2: Fight! (for an extra $10)
Mar 11th 2014
-Round 1 has been completed, with some surprising upsets!
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-Eternal rage at WoD and the "drought"
Episode 75: Round 1: Fight! (with Hugs)
Mar 5th 2014
-Introduction to the Round 1 matches in the WoW Podcaster Tournament of Epicness!
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-Lightning fast Guardian of the Forums
Episode 74: INFO DUMP
Feb 25th 2014
-Lots of interviews to comb through, providing us with a good amount of information about WoD
-Silver Medals in Proving Grounds required to join Random Heroic Dungeons
-Guardian of the Forums doesn't disappoint
Episode 73: Boostin'
Feb 18th 2014
-Last week to nominate your favorite hosts for the 2nd Annual Tournament! Cast your votes here:
-Boost to 90 for $60
-Blizzard REALLY wants WoW to be an E-Sport
Episode 72: Everyone Just Wants to Be a Dragon
Feb 11th 2014
-Nominations have started for the 2nd Annual Tournament! Cast your votes here:
-WoW Subscriber numbers have stabilized, but what does that really mean?
-Let's look at Garrison Art children!
Episode 71: 2014 WoW Podcaster Tournament of Epicness!
Feb 4th 2014
-Nominations have started for the 2nd Annual Tournament! Cast your votes here:
-Patch 6.0 will introduce the new raid format for SoO, why it's not a big deal.
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Episode 70: Dramatic Readings of the Terrible Kind
Jan 27th 2014
-The New Human Female model is perfect.
-Why mounts and pets for Collector's Editions are okay and why ones on the store are not
-New segment: Dramatic Readings of Fan Fiction. Will it stay or go? You decide!
Episode 69: Best of Deededee
Jan 25th 2014
-Just so you don't miss your double weekly dose of Dee, here is a "best of" show
Episode 68: The Guardian Is Back!
Jan 14th 2014
-Dee is finally back after surgery complications, feelin' good!
-Why this time at the end of MoP is the most important time in all of Warcraft's history
-Blizzard has no idea what it's doing with PvP