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A World of Warcraft show that holds a cynical view of the Warcraft game and community of today. Airs Live Tuesdays at 6:00 PM EST/EDT on
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Latest episodes
Episode 63: Ghostcrawler Exits, Stage Left
Nov 27th 2013
--Ghostcrawler leaves Blizzard. I explain why this is not a bad thing. Godspeed GC, may you find success in your next endeavor.
--The Warcraft movie is delayed, CONSPIRACY?!? (Spoiler: No)
--Guardian of the Forums finds the hidden pervert in a flowery post.
Episode 62: The Unanswered Question
Nov 19th 2013
--Dee asks possibly the most important question about WoD raiding that still remains unanswered
--Are we phasing out Server technology?
--Guardian of the Forums proves, once again, that people are stupid.
Episode 57: And the Podcaster Champion is...
Oct 8th 2013
--Blizzard has a really horrible taste in interviewers, and what benefits could we see from Hearthstone integration?
--Breaking News! More connected realms! When can we see more?
--The Tournament is complete! The winner is announced, and we reflect on the past month of competition.
Episode 56: THE FINALS!  Koltrane vs. Turpster
Oct 1st 2013
--The WoW movie gets a release date, Method kills Heroic Garrosh, and Virtual Blizzcon items are unveiled.
--A match for the ages. Koltrane vs. Turpster in the Finals of the WoW Podcaster Tournament of Epicness!
--The Guardian of the Forums faces his eternal enemy: The Entitled Casual!
Episode 51
Aug 27th 2013
--Someone on 4chan posted an expansion prediction, and we analyze it
--Tournament Update, matches you should be watching!
--Once again, Guardian of the Forums pisses Dee off
Episode 50: Tournament Bracket Reveal
Aug 21st 2013
--We reveal the brackets for the WoW Podcaster Tournament of Epicness! Go vote for your favorite hosts at
--Dee is not going to talk about Hearthstone, after he talks about why he's not going to talk about Hearthstone
--The 5.4 cinematic may just be the best patch cinematic ever released.
Episode 52: The Thirsty 32
Sep 3rd 2013
--It's the last raid lockout before patch 5.4 drops, so we help you get ready for the patch.
--Round 1 of the WoW Podcaster Tournament of Epicness has closed, who made it to round 2?
--In Guardian of the Forums, Dee agrees with an Entitled Casual, WTF?!?
Episode 53: The Sweet Sixteen
Sep 10th 2013
--We try a new patch-day game, Buff or Nerf!
--32 show hosts have been whittled down to 16, did your favorites make it?
--Dee rages on butthurt people.
Episode 55: The Final Four
Sep 24th 2013
--Valentine joins me as we recap the Stoppies awards. Did we win any?
--Heroic progression update, and thoughts.
--The Final Four has arrived! Did your favorites make it?
Episode 54: The Elite Eight
Sep 17th 2013
--We have a new Warchief! We talk about him a bit
--How stupid easy is LFR going to be in 5.4?
--The Elite Eight is revealed!