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A World of Warcraft show that holds a cynical view of the Warcraft game and community of today. You can find the live show and streams of WoW and other stuff at

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Latest episodes
Episode 107: My Body is Ready!
Nov 11th 2014
-More great emails! Dee gives dating advice? What!
-Recap of Blizzcon (the WoW bits anyway), Blizzard's brilliant marketing scheme, and another "People That Have No Business Writing About WoW" segment
-Warlords! HYPE TRAIN!
Episode 106: The Worst Warcraft Podcast on the Internet
Nov 4th 2014
-Dee gets a bit of hate mail
-What do we want to hear from Blizzcon? Or, more importantly, what DON'T we want to hear from Blizzcon
-WoW will be around for another 10 years according to Blizzard. Cockiness, or confidence?
Episode 105: Flippy Floppies
Oct 28th 2014
*note: About half way through the episode my mic started emitting static with the audio, but I didn't notice it on my end. It's barely audible over the background music, but it's there, and annoying. I apologize for this technical mishap, and thank you for your understanding.
-Blizzard has once again changed their stance, this time on AoE Grinding. Good!
-There are new Warcraft commercials promoting Warlords of Draenor, but why stop there?
Episode 104: ...And Justice For All
Oct 23rd 2014
-Blizzard silently nerfs AoE Grinding. What is it and why was it done?
-Blizzard also adds Set bonuses to LFR gear. Is this good or bad? Did they really flip-flop on their original stance?
-Dee won't ever get an interview with a dev, so we fake one with your questions!
Episode 103: Sixes
Oct 14th 2014
-Patch 6.0.2 dropped today (TOLD YOU SO!) so we cover the patch
-Updating the "Sheep Moon Official Raid Rankings"
-The forums explode!
Episode 102: Viva la Bruce!
Sep 30th 2014
-Blizzard announces the ending of PvP Season 15, which totally (pretty much) confirms Patch 6.0.2's release date
-Brawler's Guild Season 2 info, and Bruce might just be a badass
-The real threat of WoW addiction, some advice to deal with it
Episode 101: Back to Basics
Sep 23rd 2014
-After the madness of Episode 100, we finally get back to the basics of Sheep Moon (101, get it?)
-A new thinking about Challenge Modes makes me appreciate them for what they are.
-Spoilergate: Was it a good idea for Blizzard to release the in-game cinematics to the public before launch?
Episode 100: Epic Episode of Epicness!
Sep 16th 2014
-It's finally here, Episode 100! Today we take a look back at the history of the show, from it's crappy beginnings to where we are today.
-Listen for a chance to win a $20 Steam giftcard or $20 giftcard!
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Episode 99: PeeTeeArrr
Sep 9th 2014
-Episode 100 is vastly approaching! What are your favorite moments from the show? Email them to and we'll play them on the big show! Also doing giveaways and such.
-Patch 6.0.2 drops on the PTR.
-Are Garrisons becoming more and more of a requirement for raiding?
Episode 98: Increase Your Quest Levels!
Sep 2nd 2014
-Episode 100 is vastly approaching! What are your favorite moments from the show? Email them to and we'll play them on the big show! Also doing giveaways and such.
-Robert Kazinsky is a true Wow fan! RIGHTEOUS!
-An article on a Korean Celebrity website doesn't have any idea what WoW is like.