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A World of Warcraft show that holds a cynical view of the Warcraft game and community of today. You can find the live show and streams of WoW and other stuff at

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Latest episodes
Episode 117: Let the Nominations Begin!
Feb 3rd 2015
-Nominations have begun for the 2015 WoW Podcaster Tournament of Epicness! Read the rules and cast your vote here:
-The Selfie Plague
-Blackrock Foundry Released
Episode 116: Gigglefit
Jan 20th 2015
*Note: Audio is pretty crappy the first part of the show. It's better starting at 4:30. Sorry!*
-Blackrock Foundry Release Schedule and Preview
-Blizzard can't be nice, allegedly
Episode 115: The Cannonball Run
Jan 13th 2015
-Results and retrospective of The Cannonball Run
-Patch 6.1 is now on the PTR, so a glance at what's coming.
-The Guardian counters rage with rage!
Episode 114: Finally! The Tank is Back!
Jan 7th 2015
-First show back on Twitch! Aww yiissss!
-Anniversary extended, Imperator in LFR, and prepping for Mythic
-The Guardian freaks out on people who let other's opinions color their own
Episode 113: Goodnight Sweet Prince
Dec 30th 2014
-The last show on the shoutcast server. Starting next week you can find the live show at
-A couple of guys get perma-banned and people freak
-An article written by a reputable mmo website that is absolute garbage
Episode 112: Now I Have a Machine Gun Ho. Ho. Ho.
Dec 23rd 2014
-Merry Christmas!
-Patch 6.1 preview
-WoW around for another 20 years? Yes, says British Analyst!
Episode 111: Paragon
Dec 16th 2014
-Congrats to Paragon for winning the Race to World First!
-Tips to help you become a better player
-Free Far Sight, a new machinima tool
Episode 110: Heavy Day
Dec 9th 2014
-Giving away not one, but TWO copies of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition!
1. There will be a special codeword in one of the commercial breaks, just email that codeword to and win!
2. One will be given away randomly to Followers of and
Episode 109: The Sleeper Has Awakened
Nov 25th 2014
-New Blood Elf model teaser. Someone's been hitting Crossfit (but they haven't told us about it yet...weird)
-Subs are over 9000! (10.3 million actually) This clip is relevant
-10 years of WoW!
Episode 108: Addicted
Nov 18th 2014
-Warlords is here! Many server issues!
-My first impressions of the zones, garrisons, and Heroics.
-Moderator of the wow subreddit /r/wow/ threw a fit and took it out on redditors.