Sheep Moon - Episode 114: Finally! The Tank is Back!
-First show back on Twitch! Aww yiissss!
-Anniversary extended, Imperator in LFR, and prepping for Mythic
-The Guardian freaks out on people who let other's opinions color their own
-Everyone is STILL scraping the bottom of the barrel for news

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*Now for the secret part of these show notes!

I'm just going to type out random song lyrics, because reasons. Feel free to google the lyrics and follow along.

Behold here comes the son,
Believe it, he was born to be the chosen one,
The call is for a warrior,
His name will echo on the sea and on the ground

Feel the fire, he's entering the ring,
His Mindset only knows how to win,
This danish fighter will break you in two,
You will feel all his power!