Sheep Moon - Episode 113: Goodnight Sweet Prince
-The last show on the shoutcast server. Starting next week you can find the live show at
-A couple of guys get perma-banned and people freak
-An article written by a reputable mmo website that is absolute garbage
-Everyone is scraping the bottom of the barrel for news

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*Now for the secret part of these show notes!

I'm just going to type out random song lyrics, because reasons. Feel free to google the lyrics and follow along.

Once I lost it
It took hold of me
Once again
Lost and left to see
What was there
Wouldn't let me be
Spoiled with misery
Spoiled with energy

Let me be that one
Who will rise and return from sleep
Give me strength to run
Become one with the remedy

No regrets, no compromise
Story will be told
Won't reject the cure this time
Let this river flow...