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A World of Warcraft show that holds a cynical view of the Warcraft game and community of today. You can find the live show and streams of WoW and other stuff at

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Latest episodes
Episode 127: The Guardian Returns
Oct 3rd 2018
-Dee is back to be the critical voice of reason through the sea of hatred and apologism, if you can hear him over the terrible mic quality.
-Thoughts about BFA and it's problems
-Building the perfect expansion
Episode 126: Blizzcon 2015 Special
Nov 10th 2015
-The Return of the Guardian! Sheep Moon will now be a WoW Podcast that only covers major events such as Blizzcon, Major Patches, Expansion Releases, etc.
-Quick rundown of everything with my thoughts, and some of yours as well!
-Questions can always be sent to
Episode 125: Last Stand
Apr 21st 2015
-The last show. Thanks to everyone for tuning in, laughing, raging, and just having a good time. You've made it awesome, and I hope I've at least given you a bright spot in your week every once in a while
-Winners of the Bracket Contest prizes will be notified by email of your prizes being sent. Should be in the next couple of weeks.
-Stay proud, and don't break the sheep.
Episode 124: The Grand Finals!
Apr 14th 2015
-We announce the winner of the tournament!
-Tons of giveaways for the bracket winners!
-Discussion about patch 6.2.
Episode 123: One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall!
Apr 7th 2015
-It's the Finals: Ceraphus vs. Ben! Vote for your champion!
-The Cold War returns?
-A lot of whining about WoW going pay to win?
Episode 122: The Final Four
Mar 31st 2015
-The Final Four is set, vote for your final match!:
-There is nothing going on in WoW, and it bothers Dee
Episode 121: Power Round 2, Counter Hit!
Mar 10th 2015
-Round 1 has concluded! Vote for your favorite podcasters in Round 2:
Please email questions, comments, and critiques of the show to or tweet @sheep_moon
*Now for the secret part of these show notes!
Episode 120: Power Round 1, FIGHT!
Mar 3rd 2015
-The tournament has begun! Vote for your favorite podcasters:
-Win awesome prizes by filling out a bracket!
Please email questions, comments, and critiques of the show to or tweet @sheep_moon
Episode 119: Power Underwhelming
Feb 24th 2015
-Nominations have closed for the 2015 WoW Podcaster Tournament of Epicness! Tune in next week for the Bracket reveal!
-6.1 is one of the most lackluster patches ever, but is it actually the worst?
-The world first race is over, BUT NOT WITHOUT SOME CONTROVERSY!
Episode 118: Everything Breaks!
Feb 10th 2015
-Nominations have begun for the 2015 WoW Podcaster Tournament of Epicness! Read the rules and cast your vote here:
-Everything broke. So had to use what I could to get the show done this week. But, new mic is in, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
-Blackrock Foundry Impressions, and the abomination that is Twitter.