Batman: The Long Halloween
Hosted by Valdora.
Batman: The Long Halloween is a 13-issue comic book limited series written by Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Sale. This is a fan-made audio adaptation of that series.
Hosted by Sekani.
A show that brings you the best of video game music spun by the nerdiest of black DJs
Dr Who Livecast
Hosted by Sayomara and Deededee.
Far Afield
Hosted by Sayomara, Scott and Porkchop.
Born out of the forge that is a corn fields of Iowa, Sayo, Scott and Porkchop get together each week to talk politics, technology, space, Cock fighting and spirituality.
The Ghost in the Podcast
Hosted by Baron von Gosu and Baroness.
The internet radio show that takes on the ghosts and phantoms of life and pop culture with beer swilling, judgmental angst. Airs live Sundays 5:00-7 PM EST/EDT.
Grand Old Podcast
Hosted by Sayomara.
A blog and podcast looking into published stories of Warcraft and other games. As well as Warcraft podcasting community.
RCM On Tap
Hosted by The Baroness, BiomedAlchemist, Killer McCoy.
Sheep Moon
Hosted by Deededee.
Sick and tired of the hundreds of World of Warcraft podcasts out there that cater to the casual, novice player and think Blizzard can do no wrong? Join Dee every Tuesday to get the real scoop on what's going on in the World of Warcraft, for the hardcore elite player who tells it like it is!
WoW Uncensored
Hosted by Deededee, Valentine and Bubbacaleb.
Every Monday night join Valentine, Bubbacaleb and Deededee as they talk about World of Warcraft in the most dirty, obscene way possible. Not for the easily offended. Bring plenty of lube.
X-Men: The Audio Drama
Hosted by Karl Dutton.
X-Men: Season One is an Audio Drama series that retells the adventures of the X-Men from the very beginning. The first class of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Beast, and Iceman star with Professor Xavier as they do battle with the forces of evil: Both human and mutant.