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Latest news
New Stream to Premiere Saturday
Aug 26th 2015
RCM is pleased to announce the pilot of our new show, Chaos Will Ensue, will stream live this Saturday Aug. 29 in the RCM Twitch channel!
Starring Chymorra and Vampy, Chaos Will Ensue is a collaborative, story-driven Sims gaming stream centered around two roommates. In addition to normal Sims play, the stream will also feature various challenges such as build battles, death matches, and other tandem gaming.
Chaos Will Ensue will run weekly on Saturday evenings from 5 PM to 7 PM Eastern on twitch.tv/rivalcastmedia.
First Gaming Mixer Set for Saturday at 8 PM
Aug 26th 2015
Join us in Teamspeak this Saturday night at 8 PM Eastern as Baron and Killer McCoy host our first RCM Gaming Mixer! This event is open to all community members and RivalFriends to come together for an evening of fun.
Anyone participating should meet in the Gaming Mixer channel at 8 PM to vote on the first game to play. We'll go with majority rule for a few rounds and then switch out with other games based on interest. Currently on the board for the evening include Smite, Dirty Bomb, Depth, Quiplash, and more!
[EDIT] Do you have a multiplayer game you'd like to see added to the voting list? Email your suggestions to Community@RivalCastMedia.com. We'll see you Saturday!
Don't forget - Movie Night starts tonight at 5 PM ET!
Aug 22nd 2015
(Saturday, August 22) Our first official RCM Movie Night kicks off tonight! Join us in our Teamspeak3 server at 5 PM Eastern, when we'll start with the British action comedy Hot Fuzz starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. If all goes according to plan, we'll continue the night with Starship Troopers at 7:30 ET.
Here's how this will work:
-We will be using Baroness's rabb.it room to watch the movie. She will provide the link and password in Teamspeak just before we start the movie. We cannot stream movies and such to Twitch or Youtube, so if you want to join in, you have to be in Teamspeak to get the password.
First Community Movie Night Aug. 22!
Aug 16th 2015
RivalCast Media invites YOU to join us for the first in our series of Saturday community events!
Kicking things off is our first official RCM Movie Night on Saturday, August 22. Join us in our Teamspeak3 server at 5 PM Eastern, when we'll start with the British action comedy Hot Fuzz starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. If all goes according to plan, we'll continue the night with Starship Troopers at 7:30 ET.
Here's how this will work:
RCM On Tap Prerecord Tonight
Aug 7th 2015
Remember tonight's episode of RCM On Tap is prerecorded tonight on will be on the RCM Youtube Channel at 9 EST. Our guest is Karl Dutton of the X-Men and Batman Audio Dramas.
RCM Writing Team Giddy With Surprises
Aug 6th 2015
The RCM writing team is excited to announce a number of changes for the month of August. Starting this month, both the fantasy adventure series The Fireside Tales and the current RCM fanfic serial Agents of ARACHNOS will be switching publication days. The resulting Fanfic Fridays will keep the alternating-week format for the duration of the stories' runs.
Even more exciting, though, is the very special announcement that longtime RivalCast community member VelvetDove is joining RCM Writing! Sims Saturday, a soap opera based around the lives of a young couple in The Sims, is updated in Velvet's blog every other Saturday. Starting August 8, RCM will be re-posting these episodes to our front page weekly on Saturday mornings until we catch up with the current episodes. Please join us in welcoming Velvet to the team, and be sure to stop by RCM On Tap when she sits in the Fourth Chair on August 14!
As a reminder, if you have an idea for an article, story, or other written content, please contact jen.mccafferty@rivalcastmedia.com. We're always open to fresh ideas!
Far Afield Sunday talking Space
Jul 25th 2015
I know its a bi-week for Far Afield but Bio and Sayo will be talking Space X, the state of human space flight, and Pluto.
Join us live at 8:30 PM CDST Sunday July 26, 2015
Ghost in the Podcast to be an audio cast on tape delay
Jul 19th 2015
Hey guys- GIP won't get a chance to do a live video tonight due to tech issues resulting from moving new furniture. The episode will be recorded tonight and put up on itunes, this website, and stitcher by tomorrow night. Thanks everyone!
RCM On Tap Rescheduled to Saturday
Jul 10th 2015
Edit: It looks like the show will be going live at 7:00 PM ET instead. My apologies for the confusion!
Due to Team RivalCast Media's meteoric rise to the Operation Supply Drop Summer Siege Charity Tournament Championship, RCM On Tap will move this week's episode to this Saturday (7/11) at our normal time of 9:30 PM ET (8:30 PM CT). Until then, we wish good luck to Killer McCoy, Deededee (this week's revered guest), and the rest of Team RivalCast as they play the final round tonight against Team IlluminateXP!
RCM On Tap Episode 22 on Youtube!
Jul 4th 2015
With America's birthday coming and since some of us will begin to pregame for tomorrow, we're posting a prerecorded episode of RCM On Tap. This episode, Porkchop returns and the hi-jinks ensue very quickly.