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Mar 12th 2013
Join the discussion and bring your takes TONIGHT on S.S. RADIO #45 where Sinvicta takes on the "Toughest Games Of All Time", his thoughts on StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm's release and more! The show starts at 8:00 pm Central (9 EST) and don't forget to join early for the SUPER AMAZING SSRADIO ADVENTURE beginning approximately 20 minutes before we go live!
Bring the fun and bring the discussion to TONIGHT!
EC on the RivalCast stream tonight (March 10th)!
Mar 10th 2013
To kick off the transition, Emperor will be simul-casting The Emperor's Court to RivalCast Radio, the Shoutcast stream for RivalCast Media. You can listen live at 6pm EST (10pm GMT) using the web player to the upper-left of this site, or by opening the stream link in a compatible audio player.
Don't forget to join us in IRC, either by using the Web Chat link to the upper-right, or by pointing your favourite IRC client to #rivalcast .
UPDATE: Corrected the GMT time due to daylight saving.
S.S. Radio Now Backlog Available!
Mar 10th 2013
You can now find all videocast episodes available of S.S. Radio at RivalCast Media! Join Sinvicta and listen to his take on the latest news in the video game world! Some episodes appear lost in the void somewhere. Sinvicta and I will have to travel into the perilous void to retrieve these lost gems!
Don't forget to watch his live shows every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 EST! Tune in 20 minutes early to participate in the awesomeness that is Super Amazing Wagon Adventure. Join the Twitch chat and claim your spot as the Reigning Survivor!
Testing the Shoutcast Stream!
Mar 8th 2013
Hey, all! This weekend you may notice the shoutcast stream "widget" on the left side of our main page spring to life and hibernate sporadically. We are going to test some solutions for a 24-hour automated DJ system so we can play legally-acquired video game music whenever a show is not airing live, and eventually include the ability for YOU the community to place a certain number of requests per hour from the website. This is an exciting idea we want to implement, but we need to explore the necessary logistics before moving forward. If you do happen to catch it when it's airing, feel free to give us feedback on the forums regarding your experience with the web player!
And before I go, I wanted to thank you all for the encouraging messages we've received over the past week about the new site and community. It means a lot to know the work we've put into this is appreciated by you. Our goal is to make the kind of site you will visit at LEAST once a day and always be able to read, hear, or watch something new and interesting. It would be pointless to do any of this without you, so thank you for the support!
RivalCast Media: Now with 24-Hour Video Game Music? More News to Come.
S.S. Radio #43
Mar 6th 2013
Sinvicta goes live with S.S. Radio in just one hour! Don't forget to tune in 20 minutes early to see the hilarious preshow game! You can click his twitch button to the left or just go straight to to catch all the action!
Welcome to RivalCast Media!
Mar 4th 2013
If you are reading this you've found our new home. RivalCast Media was born when we here at The Emperor's Court decided that the direction that VtW Productions was heading was not the best direction for our show and our brand. After speaking to a number of listeners and staff at VtW, we decided to launch our own network. RivalCast Media is the result of that effort. Over the past month, we here at EC along with a large number of volunteer staffers have put in quite a bit of thought and time in order to get this up and running as quickly as we could. We have 4 shows to start with: The Emperor's Court, Grand Old Podcast, S.S. Radio, and BGM. In addition, we have a number of new shows in the works to get you as much great content we can. We're always on the lookout for talent, but we refuse to comprise on the quality, so bear with us as well as we fill the line up.
Finally, this webpage will see significant changes over the next few months. We are calling the current set up "Layout Alpha" for a reason. This is temporary. Again, we will be making as many changes as we can in order to improve your experience, please bear with us and if you have any suggestions/comments/questions/concerns, please feel free to email us at