Free To Invade Game: Hellgate
As voted upon by you the community the winning category was: Brawlers & Crawlers

Making this week's game picked by Hellgate!

Join us on the RivalCast Media Twitch Channel, Friday after Dead Air (which airs at 7:30PM EST to 9:00PM EST) at 9:30 PM EST and say "I fight for RCM!" in chat to join!

Voting for Friday, May 24th's event is now open. This voting will come to an end on May 22nd at the close of S.S. Radio (10:00 PM EST). Since Brawlers & Crawlers was the last voted on category, it will not be available for voting until May 29th.

You can find the new voting page at
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Regardless of how well this turns out, T3Fun are definitely winning so far by providing a torrent for the game client!
Download currently at 45%, and should be done well in advance.

Edit: Aaand early start tomorrow. Curses x_x