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New Book Club Set for April 11
Mar 1st 2018
Are you a reader? Do you have a seemingly unending bank of books that you keep meaning to read but never seem to get around to it? Do you enjoy intelligent conversation with people the things you read?
If you said “yes†to any of these, the Writing Lounge Book Club invites you to join us the second Wednesday of each month as we discuss a new and interesting selection!
Our Wednesday, April 11 meeting will examine Stephen Hawking’s classic A Brief History of Time. Does time always flow forward? Can we find boundaries to the universe, or is it unending? Are there other dimensions in space? What will happen when it all ends? Find out this and more in this month’s selection, then weigh in with your thoughts at our book discussion on April 11!
RivalShop Up and Running!
Dec 13th 2017
With all this running around for holiday shopping, wouldn't it be nice to get yourself a little something? Maybe you're in need of some home decor of your favorite streams, or perhaps you require a new tee shirt to lounge in while laughing at the folks caroling outside your door. They might need to run to the mall for these things, but not you - RCM's RivalShop has you covered, and will deliver right to your door*!
As we're just getting started, the website will right now allow direct orders to US addresses. We will be rolling out additional countries for direct orders over the next few weeks, starting with the UK and Canada. Customers shipping to non-US addresses should contact for shipping quotes. Please include the items the items you wish to purchase and full shipping address in your correspondence.
RCM Writing Announces Reading Club Dates
Sep 27th 2017
The RCM Writing Team cordially invites you to join us for our autumn reading club! The club meets twice a month in the RCM Teamspeak server ( to discuss what we like, what we hate, and things we notice that help that month’s selection fit (or not fit) into the genre for which the story is intended.
For the month of October, we will be reading and discussing Douglas Adams’ novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Because Jen will be in a timezone that renders our normal midweek meeting time ungodly, discussion for chapters 1-14 of Hitchhiker will take place Sunday, Oct. 15 at 2 PM ET (1 PM CT; 7 PM BDT), and we’ll finish with chapters 15-35 on Sunday, Oct. 29 at 2 PM ET (1 PM CT; 6 PM BST because of course we picked the day the UK comes off daylight stupidity time).
For November/December, we’ll be back to our normal Wednesday at 8:30 PM ET (7:30 CT) meeting slot to discuss Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, which we swear we chose prior to learning there’s a movie version coming out next spring. But hey, join us and you’ll be able to critique book/theatrical differences too! We’ll be reading Level One (chapters 1-16) for our meeting on Nov. 15, Level Two (chapters 17-27) for Nov. 29, and wrapping up with Level Three (chapters 28-39) for our December 13 meeting.
RivalCon Update! Group Rate for Hotel Through June 20!
May 16th 2017
Out-of-towners looking to come to RivalCon July 21-23 can get a discounted rate on their hotel rooms. The Courtyard Cleveland Westlake, host to this year's RivalCon festivities, is offering a special rate of $109(US) a night for RivalCon attendees booking by June 20.
Book your room now to take advantage of this offer!
Don't forget to order your tickets for RCM's biggest event of the year! In addition to a weekend of awesome gaming with your favorite Rivalcast personalities, our Friday night pizza party, and (new this year by community request) Sunday Morning Battle Brunch, attendees get a totally badass Mystery Box of RCM paraphernalia. What will be inside? Find out July's RivalCon!
Fiction section updated, most things working again
Feb 19th 2017
For those who have been asking about the fan fics, the next installments of Rogue Agent (the third book in the series) will be going up soon. Jen's been on writing sabbatical for a while to get a lot of other behind the scenes stuff together, but new chapters of Agent as well as her blog The Accidental Podcaster will be going up soon. In the meantime, since some (read: all) of the navigational links in the first stories got fubar'd, we've gone in and updated the links and the chapter indices for both Da Bark Lurd (book 1) and Agents of Arachnos (book 2).
RCM New Years Extravaganza starts Friday!
Dec 27th 2016
RivalCast Media is excited to announce the schedule for this weekend's New Year's Extravaganza!
We're leaving this year on our terms, kicking off Friday night celebrating the 100th episode of our round table friend making show RCM On Tap with a two-hour special starting at 8:30 ET.
Immediately following On Tap, Baron von Gosu will be joined by Killer McCoy and Deededee for their annual Go To Hell stream. The all-night broadcast will feature a playthrough run of Diablo I, II, and III.
Book Your Vacation Now: RivalCon Dates and City Announced
Nov 5th 2016

You've seen the streams. You know the stories. Now meet your favorite RCM personalities and fellow fans for three days of fun and gaming at RivalCon 2017!
That's right - next summer's RivalCon has been confirmed for July 21-23 in Cleveland, OH.
RCM Supporting OSD's VETober
Sep 26th 2016
Throughout the month of October, RivalCast Media will be helping our friends at Operation Supply Drop with their VETober fundraising campaign.
VETOBER® is a month-long campaign rising awareness and donations for Operation Supply Drop programs impacting today's veteran through deployment, integration and community. Throughout the month, OSD will host a variety of streamers on their channel to help raise funds for this cause and Twitch will feature these streams on their home page from 8 PM - 10 PM ET (7-9 CT) each day. RivalCast's stream day will be Thursday, Oct. 13, with game details to be released in the upcoming weeks.
For those who want to contribute, we will be using the same link as for our 8-Bit Salute in May ( to route all donations directly to OSD.
RCM Announces New Fall Content, Schedule Switches
Sep 23rd 2016
Big things are happening next week as RCM gets ready for its NEW FALL* CONTENT!!!
From RCM Writing, the next chapter of Baron's supernatural thriller The Girl In Green comes out Friday, Sept. 23 and is slated to continue through the fall and winter. Meanwhile, the newest RCM adventure, Rogue Agent, makes its much-awaited debut on Monday, Sept. 26.
Over on our Twitch channel, RCM's live stream schedule gets a bit of a shake-up this week as Baron and Varyar are filling in for Deededee. Baron will host a Monday edition of Baron Busts on Sept. 26, while Varyar will start his Wednesday Roughnecks stream a bit earlier in the evening.
Press Release - RCM Board of Directors
Sep 1st 2016
Over the last year, RCM has grown and changed in many ways. I want to thank everyone reading this for their loyalty and contributions as we’ve grown. RCM started with two people and a small audience. Because of you guys, we’ve become a larger community, with regulars, inside jokes, and an awesome camaraderie. I want nothing more than to continue that trend.
We’re making some changes, not only in schedule, but in terms of the way we do things, to try and be more transparent with everyone and make it possible to entertain you all in new ways. As we do this, I want you all to remember what makes our community fun! Welcome new people, explain our ways, and make them us. We’ve had more and more new folks coming to the twitch channel and as we grow, I want to make sure we’re creating the things that you all want to see. Please, as we make these changes, tell us what you think. Honest criticism is more valuable to us than anything else when we’re trying new things. If you love it, tell us! More importantly, if you hate it….TELL US! We want to make sure that we continue to provide a fun environment for you all.
In the interest of transparency, I’m going to tell you real quick about some administrative/behind the scenes stuff. This probably won't impact anything that you all see, the same excellent streamers will still be streaming, but I want you all to know the steps we're taking in order to be a bit more organized and efficient. The station was originally a partnership, then a sole proprietorship. Now, it’s an LLC. This means that there’s a whole team of people that are responsible for different facets of the organization and I’ve created a Board of Directors to help keep us organized and efficient.. Listed below are the people on that Board and the positions they hold.