RCM Testing Wider Area Hytera XPT DMR?

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RCM Testing Wider Area Hytera XPT DMR?

Postby davefollmers » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:42 am

Hey Everyone

Lots of DMR activity on RCM Communications frequencies in the 150MHz range today. Looks like many channels from old LTR licenses WPPE724 (Falmouth), WPRJ464 (Falmouth), WPBQ937 (Sanford) are being tested today. Also heard them mention bringing a site up in Streaked Mountain (probably channels from WPSR407) & Quoddy so I expect other licenses are probably involved further up the state. TGIDs 1, 2 & 50 appear to be used by stations involved in the testing.
Channels show as single frequency DMR (Net 0, Site 0) but show a flashing "XPT" on my BCD436HP. Among the more active ones are 151.5725, 152.9975 & 153.5525 MHz.I'd previously only noted a few channels active in this system and logged them in RR here.Perhaps this is their competitor for Maine Radio carrying OneVoice soon?

Please help

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