What’s your favorite RCM cleaning solution?

What’s your favorite RCM cleaning solution?

Postby davefollmers » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:41 am


I recently decided to buy my first...and second record cleaning machines. I chose Nitty Gritty’s for several reasons; they’re made in California like I was, I like real wood, they seem to work, I wanted one 30 years ago...and the price was right. I have both a vintage 3.5 Fi, and a new 2.5 Fi-XP on the way.My new XP model is coming with two bottles of Nitty Gritty’s “Pure 2” cleaner, which I’ll be putting to use right away. I know that Nitty Gritty’s solutions may not be available in the future though, since they recently closed shop..What are your favorite commercial cleaning solutions for use on vacuum type RCMs, and why do you like that one, or them? Enzyme cleaners..?Do any of you like a homemade formula, or something not really intended for vinyl records?

Please help

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