The Fireside Tales - Chapter Sixty-Two

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The Fireside Tales - Chapter Sixty-Two

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Chapter Sixty-Two: Confusion

“You thought you knew her. Do you really?”

Confusion filled the air as everyone seemed to stare at everyone else in the room. All of the ogres held various misshapen forms of grins, growls and snarls. The woman at the makeshift throne had a white-toothed smile and her long elf ears twitched in amusement watching over the newcomers. The heroes, except for Shayliss, readied their own weapons and watched the movements of the ogres. Shayliss stared directly at Valtyra, confusion clear on her face. Valtyra, did not look back. In fact, it seemed like she did not notice anything about the room at all. Her face was contemplative and smiling. Like a cat on the lap of a favorite owner.

“Look what we have here, my pet.” The woman purred, patting Valtyra’s head, “Guests. Very esteemed guests too.” Her smile widened even more, “And I did not even need to find them. They came here like moths to the flame.”

Shayliss snapped out of her confusion to growl, “What did you do to her?”

That smile curled down into a playful frown, “What? Who said I did anything to her?” That hand scratched at Valtyra’s head and all the half-elf did was get more comfortable on that lap, “She is just like all of the others in that town. Willing to cave into her desires.”

Shayliss snarled, “What?”

The woman shrugged, “It is obvious what she wanted. In this way, I gave it to her.” She looked down at the lazing Valtyra, “No longer feeling anger, no longer holding onto a past she could not change, no longer needing to fight. Can you not see how happy she is?”

Valtyra was indeed happy, stretching languidly on the woman’s leg. It would have been a rather adorable sight if it was not for the woman or the ogres or the blood that was splattered everywhere in the fort. Those thoughts brought even more on and Shayliss had to focus on the woman in order not to blush.

The woman laughed, “You see it now. So why not just walk away?”

“Because we are not here for her.” Lotho said before Shayliss could answer.

The woman’s attention turned toward the halfling and her head tilted to the side, “Oh?”

The blade in his hand was pointed at one of the ogres to the left, “No. We are taking back the fort. Surrender now.”

That laugh returned, louder than previously, “Oh. Oh that is great! I saw the battle at the gate. You think I am afraid of you? I doubt you would even get a couple of steps into the room before-”

She was interrupted by a grappling hook crashing into the stone of the ceiling letting loose chunks of grey. Before anyone could react, Shayliss was sailing through the air toward her with blade ready to cut downward. At the peak of her momentum, Shayliss pulled the grappling hook so she moved straight at the woman.

A flash of steel was the only warning she got. Shayliss pulled her blade down into a guard just in time to block two rapiers. Her forward progress was halted completely and she barely landed on both feet. On instinct, she then swung the grappling hook around, hoping to smack the woman with it. Yet, one of those rapiers swiped downward and sliced at the rope. Because of its enhancement, the rope did not slice in two, but it was taken off of its course and pinked harmlessly off of the chair’s arm.

“Thank you, my pet.” The woman purred. “Kill them all. I have no need for those unwilling to compromise.”


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