The Fireside Tales - Chapter Sixty-One

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The Fireside Tales - Chapter Sixty-One

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Chapter Sixty-One: War Room

“Where else would a war take place?”

As soon as the gate was shut, Lotho was kneeling over Shayliss’s face. HIs expression was neutral, emotionless, as he looked over her body. Those eyes saw more than it seemed and she could practically see his mind writing down notes.

“Minor wounds.” He muttered, “No obvious breaks.” Even though he was looking at her legs he reached an arm out and quickly snapped his fingers twice. The sound of it was deafening and she wanted to curl into a ball. She even thought she had, but the man continued to mutter, “Little responsiveness. Maybe some head damage.”

“Is it good to do this right now?” Someone asked from the direction of Shayliss’s head, “We need to get away from the gate.”

“We have already moved her too much.” Lotho said in the same tone of voice, “If we kept going, then we could do serious damage. One’d think you knew that as a Black Arrow.”

The earth shook in a rhythmic pattern and a giant’s voice roared, “You dare insult me?”

“Can’t you just play along?” Those words were nearly impossible to get out, but the urge to say something was too strong for Shayliss to ignore. Granted, the words did not bite as hard as she would have liked with a weak voice, but the meaning got across.

“You are just lucky we have the same goal and are of use.”

“So kind.” That was better.

Lotho shook his head, “There is not a good source of water in here. I cannot do enough to completely get rid of the pain.” He reached into his pouch and pulled out a waterskin, “I can only dull it.”

Shayliss gritted her teeth, “Good enough.”

She could not see exactly what the halfling did, but she could feel the refreshing water enter her body. It coursed up from her legs and she could feel her strained muscles relax and her head start to clear. But the relief was very short. It only lasted seconds before it went away. Yet, it was enough for her to get the will to rise. She sat up slowly and shook her head.

“Good enough to fight?” Lotho asked.

She nodded, “Good enough.”

“We need to move” The ranger growled. Without another word, he turned on a heel and walked down the walkway. With hesitation and complaint, Shayliss followed suit.

The inside of the fort was a vast contrast to the outside. Very little moved and the only sound that could be heard was from outside. There were no ogres that could be seen except for the massive amounts of corpses that littered the halls and rooms.

“Gods.” Shayliss muttered, “Did Valtyra really do all of this?”

It was hard enough for the group of them to kill one ogre, and they barely survived an encounter with two. Here, though, they were seeing dozens upon dozens of corpses. All of them had long cuts along their flesh and holes that exposed parts of the body that should not be exposed. While it was hard to believe it, only a relatively small but sharp weapon could have made all of those wounds.

“She’d have to be a divine being to do this much damage on her own.” Lotho responded, “Especially in such short time.”


“I do not know.” Lotho shrugged, “She has been training to control her anger. But there is now way it could have done all of this.”

“Shh.” The ranger whispered, “We are getting close.”

Shayliss blinked, “How do you know?”

“There is only one room that they pushed for when they attacked last: The War Room.”

“Why there?” Lotho asked, “What importance would a war room have to a group of ogres?”

The man just shrugged. An uneasy feeling sank into Shayliss’s stomach. There was something here that she was missing. Bust she could not place a finger on it. If Valtyra was still here, like she was assuming, then why had they not had contact with her? Why would ogres have a need for a fort. Once they destroyed it, they should have moved toward Turtleback as their next stop.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a flash of pain and a raised fist from the ranger. Everyone stopped and Shayliss noticed that they were outside of a large set of double doors. Before they could get ready, though, the doors opened.

“Come in.” The voice that came from inside of the war room was melodic, soft and sensual. It was a voice who knew how to manipulate.

Beyond the door was a group of ten ogres standing on either side of the massive room. They all had improvised weapons aimed at the group and it looked like they were ready to fight. Their bodies made a clear line of sight to the other side of the room where two people were. One sat in a large chair, head on hand leaning against the arm of the chair. Her face had a great smile on it and her eyes were narrowed in pleasure. Hanging on the first’s lap was a very familiar form.

It was Valtyra.


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