The Fireside Tales - Chapter Fifty-Nine

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The Fireside Tales - Chapter Fifty-Nine

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Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fort Rannick

“The fort may be broken, but it still stands. We just have to take it back.”

The fort had been severely damaged in the ogre’s attack on it. A gigantic hole was smashed in the south wall, debris piled all over the area ignored for about a month. The towers were unoccupied and various walls of the multi-story fort itself were bashed in. Shadows crossed through these walls, shown by the candles and torches lighting the rooms. But the worst of what could be seen was in the courtyard.

Clear as day, half a dozen ogres roamed the large courtyard. They all had some kind of mutation to them. A couple had an extra arm, one had abnormally small feet and the last had a gigantic head even for an ogre. They all also had some sort of improvised weapon fit for their large size consisting of metal poles, fort foundations and large stone slabs.

However, they were all on alert. Shayliss had half-expected them to just be standing around but the corpses littering the ground changed that. Did Valtyra really kill three ogres in the courtyard all on her own? What was going on inside?

Bubnug stepped up to Shayliss as she crouched at the peak of hill, “Goblins ready.”

Shayliss turned to him. The tiny creature’s eyes held a small fire behind them and were all focused on the corpses. His fist continuously tightened and loosened on the handle of his sword cane. It was obvious that he was worried about Valtyra but he was trying to keep himself controlled in front of his troops. It was so strange to call them ‘troops.’

“Good.” She nodded, “You remember the plan?”

“Goblins fight in the yard. Defend it. You enter fort and find Missus.”

“I hope you don’t mind,” Shayliss frowned.

His eyes narrowed and she could see that fire blaze more, but he just gritted his teeth, “I will get into position.”

With that he left. Shayliss did not have time to worry about him before the Black Arrow leader walked up to her. He held his bow in hand and newly carved arrows poked out of his quiver. While it was hard to tell, it looked like he was annoyed. In the hour they have traveled together, though, that seemed to be his neutral face.

“When are we going to attack?” He asked with a growl.

She returned his gaze with her own, “When we are ready. Have you never learned to be patient?”

A snarl exited his gritted teeth, “You are lucky that we have the same goal.”

Shayliss stood up, “Not even close. Also, we have numbers.”

He stepped up to her and looked down upon her with a hateful expression, “You think that you can just waltz in here and-”

He was interrupted by a sudden light from behind Shayliss. She turned around to find the opening volley of flaming arrows arc up into the air to come right back down into the courtyard. Most sank into the dirt without doing much and a couple slammed into ogres. However, the rest landed well enough to set the grass of the courtyard on fire. It blazed fast, orange fire spreading without restraint.

The ogres started moving immediately. Instead of throwing dirt or finding water they started stomping down. Their skin was too thick to immediately catch fire, but they reacted the same. Ogre screams boomed across the sky and nearly blasted Shayliss’s ears. While covering her ears, she said to the Black Arrow, “There, you happy?”

In answer, he pulls an arrow out of his quiver and nocked it, “Very.”


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