Rogue Agent - Index

It's a time of great change at RCM. The team moved their operations into a real studio, Killer and Candi finally settle down into a normal family life, and after months of quiet, and Hax finally gets to go home. But while he and the Baroness both try to distance themselves from the clandestine aspects of their respective pasts, forces on both sides of the Atlantic are desperate to use their skills to hunt down some mysterious and deadly shadow cults that may have more in common than they realize.

Rogue Agent - Index

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Rogue Agent (RCM FanFic Book 3)

Prologue - In which a treachery is foretold.

Chapter 1 - In which a web ninja finally arrives home...only to find a quiet, normal life appears to be out of his reach.

Chapter 2 - In which the Baroness gets her own visitor from the past trying to influence her future.

Chapter 3 - In which Killer realizes a dream come true, and Hax finds a nightmare about to begin.

Chapter 4 - In which deceptions are spoken, a plan is hatched, and a dinner is burned.

Chapter 5 - In which Baroness is not happy, and Vampy takes charge.

Chapter 6 - In which Hax learns about Vible's new religion, and Baroness admits to subterfuge.

Chapter 7a - In which plans are made.

Chapter 7b - In which Hax encounters the hidden sides of his homeland.

Chapter 8a - In which Killer forgets some vital bureaucracy forms, and Hax gets a sweet spy car.

Chapter 8b - (to be published 2017-05-19)
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