The Fireside Tales - Chapter Fifty-Seven

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The Fireside Tales - Chapter Fifty-Seven

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Chapter Fifty-Seven: Ogres

“These giant beasts are aggressive. It is unknown where they came from or why they attack settlements, but many who face them never return to tell the tale.”

Horse hooves pounded the slightly damp dirt as the four riders raced toward the east. Fort Rannick was to the east and slightly north of town so they were heading for the fighting at the southeast first. Once that problem was taken care of they would move to the fort. The sounds of combat met them before the sight of it. Metal thunked against wood, growls both human and monstrous mixed together in a horrible symphony and the thrum of bowstrings being plucked.

Without a word, Shayliss reached at her side and pulled off a bundle of rope. It looked like just simple rope except that if one focused in enough, they would see tiny lines of light wrapping around each strand. The lines shot up toward the other end of the rope which has been tied to the end of a grappling hook. From her other side she unsheathed an elegant and aesthetically well cut longsword.

With weapon and tool in hand, she started swinging the rope lasso style. As soon as the horses broke through a clearing, without worrying about seeing the battlefield, Shayliss let the grappling hook fly. It soared for a couple of seconds before latching onto a sturdy tree branch. There was no hesitation as the woman from Sandpoint swung off of her horse’s saddle and arced through the air.

Right at the chest of a giant.

It did not see her until it was too late. Her battlecry was something to rival the most seasoned of fighters. The weapon in her hand glinted under the sun’s rays before plunging into the ogre. The beast screamed in agony, but its hand raced up to grab at her. With a tug and a shove, Shayliss launched herself off of the ogre and arced back using that same branch as a focal point. However, the creature’s large fingernails managed to scrape against the woman’s arm.

Flinching at the pain, Shayliss slid along the ground, leaving two long tracks behind her. By then, the other three caught up with her and Lotho dismounted.

“What was that?” He asked.

“You think I just sat around Sandpoint waiting for you to return?” Shayliss answered with a small grin, “I was just getting ready for a moment like this.”

He gave her a suspicious glance, “We will talk about it after this fight.”

With that, he called forth the water still mixed with the soil as well as the trees. It came at his command, streams of liquid swirling and twirling in various helix formations. They all culminated at his hand before engulfing his whole body. Then, like a human water rocket, he blasted forward and slammed hard into the wound that Shayliss already made. The ogre staggered backward at that before then getting assaulted by three rounds of arrows. One came from Alicia behind Shayliss while the other two fired from the two men who were fighting the ogre before the four riders arrived. They seemed skeptical of the help but they did not argue it as they readied another volley of arrows.

Bubnug, his blade unsheathed and blazing, stepped up to Shayliss.

“What is the plan?” She asked him.

He, to Shayliss’s surprise, looked around them for a quick second, “Need to immobilize it. Then it can’t recover.”

The woman’s eyes widened, “Nice. I can get it down if you can keep its attention off of me.”

The goblin nodded.

Shayliss, detaching her grapple from the tree branch by the expediency of breaking the branch off, twirls it around before sending it flying toward the ogre’s leg. She had been aiming for its knee, but her throw was a bit off from the arm wound. Instead, the claws sank into the ogre’s shin. It roared in anger, but it was soon face-to-face with a fire-bird ready to fight.

Now that her hook was in place, Shayliss ran forward and started circling around the ogre. It was not fast, as she had to use her feet, but she managed to get one loop around her foe’s legs before the ogre did something about it. As Shayliss made her second round, it raised a fist and sent it crashing down right at her head. There was no chance for her to survive if it hit. However, Lotho saved her life by sending a shield of ice to deflect the fist. Instead of hitting her, it crashed right behind her sending quakes out from it. Shards of rocks cut her arms and neck up.

After two more attempts like that, Shayliss finally managed to get the rope around the ogre’s legs twice. That was the most she was able to do. By the end, she was hanging on to the very end of her rope.

“Make him fall!” She yelled.

She could not see what was happening above her as she had an ogre in her way. But there was a loud cry from the fire-bird and multiple thrums of bowstrings. The large beast cried out in pain and tried to right itself. There was no chance, though, as its own weight betrayed it. Like a massive tree cut down, the ogre crashed toward the ground with a large earthquake. After that, it was quick work to kill the ogre. Blades lashed out, arrows sank and magic flashed. The ogre was dead in seconds.


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