The Fireside Tales - Chapter Fifty-Four

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The Fireside Tales - Chapter Fifty-Four

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Chapter Fifty-Four: The Lord-Mayor

“Politicians have arrived. Bow before them or step out of the way.”

By the time Shayliss had returned to Sandpoint, the Lord-Mayor’s wagon was at the gate. The driver of the wagon was having a discussion with the guards while the driving horse stamped anxiously. It looked like it was an uncomfortable discussion too. The driver was worried and the guards held themselves in a way that screamed placation. Shayliss stopped far enough away so that she could listen in.

“I understand, sir!” The guard said, “But you must speak with the mayor first. And she is in a meeting. She personally requested not to be disturbed for the rest of the day.”

A voice from inside the wagon yelled out, “I do not care! It is not her I want to speak to! Why would it matter?”

“All visiting politicians must first meet with Mayor Deverin.” The second guard said, “It is her orders.”

“What don’t you get about the words ‘I don’t care?’ I am the Lord-Mayor! You will obey me!”

Now the guards were getting annoyed, “We obey Mayor Deverin first. If you are going to disturb the peace, then we will have to ask you to leave.”

Shayliss gasped in surprise. She never knew that the guards of Sandpoint would be willing to stand up to the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar. However, if the Lord-Mayor pushed, then they would both be in serious trouble. Even if they were just obeying orders. The Lord-Mayor loved to flaunt his power and was completely willing to send away capable guards for their mouths.

So, she needed to step in.

Shayliss walked up to the wagon and curtsied politely, “Hello, sir!”

Both the driver of the wagon and the two guards turned to blink at her. It was obvious they were not expecting her to blatantly walk up and speak to the Lord-Mayor of Magnimar. The tension between all of them vanished

“I am sure that the Heroes of Sandpoint would be glad to meet with you.” She spun on a heel and waved at the wagon, “Just follow me.”

“What do you think you are doing?”

The girl stopped and turned around to see the Lord-Mayor himself step down from his wagon. He was a large man in every sense of the word: Fat cheeks, fat body, fat limbs and fat ego. A tiny mustache curled up and tiny eyes were narrowed. Thin lips curved down in a frown. Clothes of elegant silk covered his large body and the man just reeked of arrogance.

“I’m sorry?” Shayliss asked.

“I asked ‘What do you think you are doing’. So answer me.”

She tilted her head, “I thought I was assisting you.”

He stepped up until his belly was only inches away from her chest, “I don’t need the assistance of a backwater peasant.”

A smile that was no way genuine formed on her face, “Backwater peasant?”

“You heard me.” The Lord-Mayor said, “Get out of my way.”

That smile turned into a toothy grin, “You don’t need my help. Yet, you were stopped by the city guards.” Shayliss shook her head, “That line of logic is so very hypocritical. But I would not expect anything different from you.”

The large man’s face gradually reddened, “What did you say?”

She shrugged, “You heard me. Now, if you would like to see the Heroes, please follow me.”

She could only get a couple of steps before a hand slammed down on her shoulder.

“I will not stand around while-”

The man was interrupted by Shayliss. Her body twisted around suddenly and her hand grasped his wrist in an iron bound grip. She then sharply broke the man’s grip, pulled him forward, and pulled a curved dagger from under her dress. The blade pressed against the Lord-Mayor’s neck yet did not draw blood.

Everyone in the immediate area froze in place. Not one muscle twitched.

“I will give you one chance.” Shayliss growled, “Follow me and keep your mouth shut. Or I dig in.”

“You would dare?” He stuttered.

“Damn right.” She whispered, “I have not had a good day. And I have a feeling that you are about to make it even worse than you already have. Don’t. Push. Me.” With each of her last three words, she twitched the dagger.

The Lord-Mayor gritted his teeth, “Fine. I will follow.”

She nodded and slid the dagger back into its sheath, “Good.”

With that, she spun on her heel again and walked to the Rusty Dragon Inn. The footsteps of the Lord-Mayor followed in her wake.


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