The Fireside Tales - Chapter Fifty-Three

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The Fireside Tales - Chapter Fifty-Three

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Chapter Fifty-Three: Disappear

“Those who want to go are able to go without ever being found.”

“Blade up!” Bubnug yelled.

On top of Strider he watched over the sparring match between two goblins. One of them held a long glaive in two tiny hands. It was up in the air and ready to descend on its opponent, who held two longswords made for a goblin. They were crossed in an X shape so that the glaive would be caught between them. Yet, the glaive goblin was smart and changed the direction of its swing.

Instead of trying to directly block the attack, the dual-wielding goblin dove forward. Doing so put him too close for the glaive to effectively hit him. Once there, he aimed his cross upward and sent it toward his opponent’s throat. If it was a real fight, it would have been over then. Yet, the dual-wielding goblin stopped his attack right before it would have touched the glaive goblin’s skin.

“Good.” Bubnug nodded, “You are done.”

The two goblins spun and headed for the feast hall. He looked at the list of sparring fighters to find the ones next in line. But fast footsteps sounded from the direction of Sandpoint. Turning around, he saw Shayliss running toward him as fast as possible. Her white dress was splattered in dirt as if she had tripped multiple times in the fresh mud. Yet, when she finally reached Bubnug she stood tall.

“Have you seen Valtyra?” She asked trying to control her heavy breath.

The goblin gave her a thoughtful frown, “Not in days. She pushed away when I visited.”

She sighed in worry, “I was afraid of that. She has gone missing.”

Bubnug hesitated, “What?”

“I cannot find her anywhere. Not in her clearing, not in her room and not around town. No one in Sandpoint has seen her either. Lotho and Alicia do not even want to look for her.”

Bubnug frowned, “Why did Missus go?”

Shayliss shrugged, “I don’t know for certain.”

Bubnug had no idea what gave him the impression, but he thought that Shayliss was lying to him. But he had now idea about which part, and he did not want to push her right now. So he nodded and said, “I keep eye out.”

The woman let out a sigh of relief, “Alright. Thank you. I will-”

She was interrupted by Bubnug’s sudden change of attention. His ears perked up and he turned his head sharply toward the outside of the small base. Some distance away from the base was the road into Sandpoint and through the structures and trees he could barely see shapes moving. The goblin nodded toward one of his lighter armored goblins. The creature nodded and seemed to disappear completely from sight. Minutes later, she returned and saluted, “Horse riders and wheeled tent.”

Shayliss raised an eyebrow, “An escorted caravan? That does not seem out of the ordinary.”

“They have no food.” The rogue goblin replied, “Just a man in colorful cloth.”

Shayliss’s eyes rose to meet her eyebrow, “A noble? The Lord-Mayor?”

The goblin shrugged.

“Why would he be here? Did you not already help him?” Shayliss asked Bubnug.

“Yes.” Bubnug responded, “But we did not talk with him. We left.”

“He would not come here just to give you your reward. Not if everything I have heard about him are true.”

“He here though.”

Shayliss nodded, “At the worst time too.” She looked back up at the mounted goblin, “I am going to head back to Sandpoint and let them know.”

“I follow after getting team out.”

The woman’s face seemed to brighten at that, “Thank you.”

With that, she turned around and ran back toward Sandpoint.


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