RCM New Years Extravaganza starts Friday!

RCM New Years Extravaganza starts Friday!

Postby JLMcCafferty » Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:55 pm

RivalCast Media is excited to announce the schedule for this weekend's New Year's Extravaganza!

We're leaving this year on our terms, kicking off Friday night celebrating the 100th episode of our round table friend making show RCM On Tap with a two-hour special starting at 8:30 ET.

Immediately following On Tap, Baron von Gosu will be joined by Killer McCoy and Deededee for their annual Go To Hell stream. The all-night broadcast will feature a playthrough run of Diablo I, II, and III.

New Year's Eve will keep the games going as the Baroness herself cycles through some games with friends in the leadup to Chaos Will Ensue at 5 PM ET, followed by an extended New Year's edition of Girl Fight! with Velvet Dove starting at 7 PM.


Following Girl Fight!, RCM is hosting its first New Year's Eve broadcast live from the Castle von Gosu. Who wants to watch Carson Daly or Ryan Seacrest when you could instead be entertained by the much more amusing banter of Varyar and Baron? We're trying something different with multiple camera feeds in the house, so assuming we don't fuck everything up, we expect to go live around 10 PM ET.

So after all that, we're done, right?


New Year's Day, RCM kicks off 2017 right, starting with the Hangover edition of Sunday Morning Heroes at 10:30 AM ET. Baron will follow at 3 PM for the Sunday edition of Wolfpack, and then Deededee and Vampy will be back at their normal Sunday stream times.
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