Press Release - RCM Board of Directors

Press Release - RCM Board of Directors

Postby Varyar1G » Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:55 pm

Over the last year, RCM has grown and changed in many ways. I want to thank everyone reading this for their loyalty and contributions as we’ve grown. RCM started with two people and a small audience. Because of you guys, we’ve become a larger community, with regulars, inside jokes, and an awesome camaraderie. I want nothing more than to continue that trend.

We’re making some changes, not only in schedule, but in terms of the way we do things, to try and be more transparent with everyone and make it possible to entertain you all in new ways. As we do this, I want you all to remember what makes our community fun! Welcome new people, explain our ways, and make them us. We’ve had more and more new folks coming to the twitch channel and as we grow, I want to make sure we’re creating the things that you all want to see. Please, as we make these changes, tell us what you think. Honest criticism is more valuable to us than anything else when we’re trying new things. If you love it, tell us! More importantly, if you hate it….TELL US! We want to make sure that we continue to provide a fun environment for you all.

In the interest of transparency, I’m going to tell you real quick about some administrative/behind the scenes stuff. This probably won't impact anything that you all see, the same excellent streamers will still be streaming, but I want you all to know the steps we're taking in order to be a bit more organized and efficient. The station was originally a partnership, then a sole proprietorship. Now, it’s an LLC. This means that there’s a whole team of people that are responsible for different facets of the organization and I’ve created a Board of Directors to help keep us organized and efficient.. Listed below are the people on that Board and the positions they hold.

Chief Executive Officer - Varyar
Chief Operations Officer/Lead Editor - Baroness
Content Development Manager - Baron
Director of Youtube Development - Killer McCoy
Community Manager - VampySoultaker
Lead Programmer - Teh Leet Haxor
Technical Manager - BiomedAlchemist
Director of Events - Deededee

This doesn’t have a huge impact on you all as viewers, things will continue the way they have always continued. The same personalities will be streaming, the same mods will be modding, and we will continue to search for new sources of entertainment and content for everyone. However, you all deserve to know who is doing what. More importantly, if you have an idea, or want to join our team, I want to ensure that you know who it is you should be talking to.

The Twitch side of our operations is now being run by our Content Development Manager, Scott McCafferty (Baron von Gosu). If you wish to join our streaming team, have an idea for a show, or would like to see us broadcast a certain game, Baron is the man to talk to. Similarly, Matthew Riley (Killer McCoy) is now responsible for the Youtube side of things. If it’s recorded video, that’s Killers bailiwick. Together, the two of them will be vetting new ideas and new talent, and they may be posting from time to time to get the community’s thoughts on new concepts and ideas. Please, give them the feedback they need so that we can create new things that you will enjoy!

We have also been trying to reach out to other streamers and organizations, to create a network of, as Baroness puts it, RivalFriends. We want to use these contacts to host tournaments, charity fundraisers, and other live events for your amusement and edification. Scott Turner (Dee) will be coordinating all of those efforts, and if you have an event that you want to see a favorite streamer participate in, he’ll be the guy to talk to.

Behind the scenes, our tech team of Justin (Biomedalchemist) and David (tehleethaxor) continue to be rock stars. If you have a technical issue or a glitch with the website or our forums, don’t hesitate to let us know so that they can ensure we keep everything running smoothly.

Trista Miller (Vampy) will continue to run our social media, letting you all know what we’re doing and acting as our community manager. Her job is to make sure we all let you know what’s going on. Everyone knows that I can be forgetful and I don’t always communicate well. All I can say is thank god for Vampy, she’ll make sure that we do!

Jen McCafferty (Baroness) will be continuing as our lead editor for written content. If you are looking to write articles for Rivalcast Media, get in touch with her. She has the skill to help you take an idea and turn it in to a masterpiece. She is also in charge of our RCM internship program and has agreed to assume the duties of Chief Operations Officer, helping to keep all of us on task and on schedule.

Finally, I will be continuing in my role as CEO of RCM. My door, figuratively, is always open to new ideas, to criticism, and to anyone who wants to talk. I’ll continue to set the direction for the group, but this site has grown into something too large for one person to do alone. That is why I created the Board.

These ladies and gentlemen have gone above and beyond to make this place what it is. They have shown their dedication not only through the time that they have put in working on both their own shows and network projects, but the financial and other resources that they have made available to RCM. As a group, they will vote on ideas, initiatives, bylaws, and disputes. Individually, they will each be responsible for coordinating specific areas within RCM.
With your continued support as staffers, viewers, and community members, we can take RivalCast Media to the next plane.

We will be refocusing RCM as a primarily gaming centric community, at least for the foreseeable future. The front page will remain the same, a clearinghouse for all RCM content that helps to feed our viewers to the various outlets that we stream to. In addition, Written and Audio content will not be affected due to the mechanics of their distribution. However, video content will be undergoing some changes. A new Youtube Channel “RCM Extended Universe” will be going up to host our non-gaming content and showcase new talent while the Board emphasizes the primacy of gaming on the Twitch channel. In this way we can continue to experiment with new ways to entertain you, our core audience, while simultaneously focusing on the content that has been bringing us so many new viewers and community members.

Keep an eye on the website and the Twitch channel as we make adjustments to the schedule. The idea is for us to be streaming about 8 hours a day as well as creating new Youtube content. Vampy and Baroness will also be posting updates to the social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch, to keep you all informed. We want to make sure you all know what we’re up to so that we can get your feedback!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us, and I hope that we can continue to entertain you all. None of this would be possible without the loyal support of all of you, and from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!

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