Heavenly Demon, Chapter Twelve

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Heavenly Demon, Chapter Twelve

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Heavenly Demon is a fifteen-chapter novel by RCM staffer Kolemsai.
Alyssa left just as she came, acting human. Maybe it was because of my parents, well my mother really; Dad went out for the night.

I was really troubled. I just had sex with a demon! What kind of monster was I becoming? Would I be a demon too? There were just so many questions. How did I become like this? Why was I invisible for so long? Who was that other person that encountered Laxidan? What were Felliste and Alyssa up to? Who wanted my soul? I wasn't going to wait around anymore, it was time for answers.

Lax. I reached out, finding Laxidan's mind easily. He was very careful to leave only a sliver of his mind open, he didn't want me to stumble upon something. I need to talk to you. I want answers. I encountered another demon tonight.

Laxidan's response was quick. The answers are ready to be given. Come quickly.

I headed out, anxious to get what I so desperately needed. Maybe I could finally make some sort of sense out of all of this. And why was he willing to answer me now, all of a sudden? What changed in the few hours I've been home?

The forest was too muddy today to take my shortcut, so I started down the curved road that connected my isolated house to the rest of the town. My mind was ablaze in thought and excitement, yet I was still worried. What was I going to find out? Did I really, after all this time, want to know? Of course I did. I HAD to know, if nothing else but so I could prepare for whatever was coming.

Something hit me in my back and knocked me down, causing the wind to be knocked out of me. My head was covered as soon as I hit the ground by some sort of cloth sack, making it harder to catch my breath. Someone, or something, grabbed me with massive hands and lifted me easily to my feet.

I got hit in the back of the head with something small and hard. I had one solitary thought before I passed out: Man, this is really getting old.

I was kicked awake hard, knocking the breath out of me again.

There was no bag over my head now, and I could finally see my assailants. Jeremy stumbled around before me wearing his letter jacket, holding a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand and a small revolver in the other. Three of his large linemen were there too, all red-faced and holding liquor of their own.

Jeremy noticed that I was awake and ordered one of the big men to sit me up. “Oh look at the big man now,” he said all smug with a drunken slur. The other men laughed, I didn't move. My head hurt too much for that.

As if he could read my thoughts, Jeremy smacked me across the face with the butt of his gun, gaining him a roar of laughter from his crowd. I wiped blood off my chin as I sat back up. I'd faced off against demons, I wasn't going to let a high school kid intimidate me.

“So, you come out of nowhere, then all of a sudden you become popular, and my girlfriend is talking to you. Now you think you can get away with having her at your house?”

I couldn't help but smile. I wonder how he found out. He had no idea who Alyssa really was, all he knew was that she was the hottest chick in school.

“Taking the break up a little hard, are we?” I knew I was in no real danger, I could get out of this situation easily with magic.

He hit me again, with his liquor bottle this time, then pointed the gun at me, gripping it tightly with both hands.

“SHUT UP!” he screamed. “She did not break up with me!”

I could see the crazy look in his eyes, even his giant friends seemed worried. It was time to put an end to this. I channeled my magic to my mind. I was going to try to control his body and have them leave. I reached out with my tentacles to try to fell his brain.

I felt nothing.

I didn't ram into a wall, or get pushed back in any way, his mind was simply not there. I reached out to his goons and hoped I could make one of them stop him. Nothing.

I started to panic and lashed out violently with my tentacles. They still hit nothing. I switched gears and channeled to my eyes. I imagined myself standing up and running away, projecting that image to the boys here. They didn't flinch. I imagined explosions, one between me and Jeremy, another by the brutes. They were loud and bright enough to make me want to shield my eyes, but once again I got no reaction from them.

What was going on? Were they immune to my magic? I had one last thing to try; I slowly raised my hand toward Jeremy, channeling a ball of red fire in it. I launched it at him before he had time to react. The ball landed true to the quarterback's chest, and once again he didn't move, like the fireball didn't touch him.

“What, are you going to beg me not to shoot you, after running your mouth?” Jeremy read the fear on my face and raised hand as a plea, which it now was.

Laxidan, I thought, reaching out to the demon, I'm going to die. Help me!

Jeremy's gun went off, surprising him and his buddies as much as it did me. I felt a burning on my shoulder and looked to see blood. It looked like the bullet only grazed me, but it still hurt and gushed. I grabbed my arm and fell to the ground, screaming. In the movies they made it look like it wasn't that painful, something that could be ignored. This pain rivaled the one in my chest, so much so that I stopped channeling magic altogether.

Jeremy's shock was beginning to fade as he looked at me, anger returning to his face. He raised his gun again, the shaking had stopped as if my screams calmed him down, reminding him why he was there.

He turned to look at his friends. “We have to kill him now, he'll tell on us if we don't.” He stepped toward me with an evil smile while the others jumped out of the truck, protesting.

“Goodbye, Anson.”

I squeezed my eyes shut. I didn't want to see him fire the gun. I didn't want to die! I couldn't leave my parents, not when they just finally started to love me. I didn't want to abandon Laxidan, my only friend. Even Alyssa gave me a reason to want to live. But I couldn't move, I was frozen in fear. I felt helpless without magic. There was no way I could stop him.

I heard a grunt as the gun fired, then a loud thud. I didn't feel any more pain, was I dead? I opened my eyes and saw someone on top of Jeremy, pummeling him. It was...Steven?

Jeremy's goons rushed toward them, yelling and getting ready to save their quarterback. I wanted to help him, but I still couldn't move, my arm blazed in pain. Steven saw them coming, and jumped up to face them.

Regardless of what Laxidan told me, Steven did not look human. He moved between the three large men like they were standing still, dodging and blocking every punch they threw. One of them tried to tackle him, but he shrugged it off as if it were an infant. He kicked and punched with pinpoint accuracy, never messing his target. He broke a nose, causing blood to spew everywhere. He stomped on a knee, crushing it and causing it to bend at an odd angle. The last buffoon was toppled over grabbing his chest and gasping for breath.

He turned toward me, and he sure looked demonic. Spatters of blood covered him, making him look like he had just butchered a fresh animal. His teeth were bared in a wicked smile and his eyes were wild, thirsting for more. His hands formed a white-knuckled fist as he walked toward me with determination. Maybe he saw his chance to get his revenge on me too.

I heard a shuffling to my left and looked over, as did Steven. Jeremy had rolled over and was crawling to his gun. Steven let out a hearty laugh and ran to the fallen football star.

“Not enough?” the fighter bellowed as he kicked Jeremy so hard I heard a pop all the way over here. Jeremy began to wail as Steven taunted him.

“I told you Anson was mine! Now pay the price!”

Just as Jeremy rolled to his back, Steven grabbed his throwing arm by the wrist and fell to his back, weaving his legs onto the bully's chest as he expertly placed the arm between them. He pulled on the wrist and lifted his hips; the crack I heard was the most disgusting sound I've ever heard in my life. Steven screamed in pain as the warrior let go. His arm was mangled, bent ninety degrees the wrong way.

Steven turned back to the big linemen, who were all huddled on the ground, and pointed with the authority of a Commander in the Army. “Get off your fat asses and pick up your trash,” he said as he pointed back at the crying Jeremy. “One word of who did this to you, and I'll have that little bitch,” he pointed at me, “tell the cops how he got shot.”

They didn't hesitate. The one with a broken nose helped the other with the crushed knee to the back of the truck as the last scurried over to Jeremy to help him up. They were gone in an instant, leaving me with the madman.

“Thank...” I started before I was cut off.

“Shut up, Anson,” he barked in a disgusted tone. “I only helped you so I could take care of you myself. And no pretty-boy football player is going to take that away from me!”

“Fine,” I mumbled as I forced myself to stand. If I was going to die, I wanted to at least be on my feet. “Get it over with.”

Steven didn't move, except for a small smirk. “Impressive Anson, but no. I'll wait until you're at one hundred percent, so I can beat you to a pulp myself.”

Without another word, he turned and ran off into the night.

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