Heavenly Demon, Chapter Ten

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Heavenly Demon, Chapter Ten

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Heavenly Demon is a fifteen-chapter novel by RCM staffer Kolemsai.

“I wonder what other rules you break,” Laxidan pondered aloud. “I want you to try to make an illusion of a door in the wall over there.”

“An illusion?”

“Yes. Make it look like there is a door, but do not create an actual door, just a picture of one.”

The only thing that came to mind to something similar was a hologram that could be found in science fiction movies, so I tried to make something like that. I channeled my soul and directed it to my eyes; it didn't make sense to me to actually direct it to my hands since I wasn't actually creating a door, just a picture of one. I looked at the only door in the room and tried to copy it on the adjacent wall. I concentrated, the pain flaring up in my chest enough to make me grunt. A door appeared, identical to the original, but translucent like the ghost of the actual door. I could easily see right through it.

Laxidan smiled. “Perfect. I cannot tell the difference between the two.”

That was weird. “I can see right through the one I made.”

Laxidan paused. “You can always see through your own Illusions. Demons can see through other demon's illusions as well, we are not affected by each other's magic. However, I could not see through your illusion at all.” He paused again, thinking. “Devin, I want you to try to read my mind.”

“What?” I exclaimed. “Why?”

“It seems that your magic could affect demons. You repelled my mental assault with your magic, and I could not see through your illusion. I do not think you wish to cause me physical harm, so this is the other other option to test my theory.”

I shook my head. “I don't want to see what goes on in a demon's mind, even if he is a good guy now.”

Laxidan looked down, ashamed. I didn't mean to offend him, I didn't even know that was a possibility. He was only trying to help and protect me from other demons. I was scared of what I would find in there, but I owed my entire life to this demon. I knew I owed him this much.

“Ok, I'll do it.” I expected a smile or some kind of emotion from Laxidan, but he simply looked at me and nodded.

“I will try to close off most of my mind, so you will not find anything too horrifying. I shall also teach you the same technique, so demons cannot access your thoughts any longer.

Well that would certainly be helpful.

“I am ready, Devin Anson.”

I focused my soul, and the now familiar pain filled my chest. I channeled to my brain, and imagined several tentacles, ones similar to what Laxidan and the succubus had used. I could have formed anything really, but these had worked against me, so I assumed it would work the best on them as well.

I reached out with them, aiming for the demon's mind. I didn't know if Laxidan would try to resist. It was possible that he would, and I would be ready for it.

I felt his mind, and it felt like what I imagine mine probably felt like. Soft, fragile, wet. I could feel it pulse as if I were holding it in my hands. Most of his mind felt like it was covered in a hard shell, that must be what he didn't want me to see. Fair enough. I was pretty sure I didn't want to see the horrors that lie underneath.

There was a part of his mind open that I could reach, something completely unprotected. I concentrated there, still unsure how to read the mind. I felt around it, and nothing happened. Maybe I had to massage it, like that succubus did. I took one of my invisible tentacles and rubbed on the surface. Laxidan's face twisted in pain, and I stopped immediately, I knew it wasn't supposed to hurt since he had done it to me so many times and I felt nothing.

He closed his eyes. “Just go,” he said. Shrugging, I took the tentacle and plunged into the demon's mind. As soon as I did, images started flashing through my brain like a slideshow that was on turbo speed. Millions of images flew by in seconds, I couldn't pick most of them out. A lot were of this very cave, looking nearly identical to how it did right now. I tried to force it to slow down, and it did with a bit of effort. I saw myself burst into this room, I could feel his emotions when he saw me. He wasn't angry then, nor did he want to kill me. He was worried and ashamed, desperately wanting me to go away. That didn't make any sense, yet as I stopped to ponder this the images sped back up to blurring speed.

The flood of information began to give me a headache, like my mind couldn't handle all of the new information, but I continued and forced the memories to slow down once more. I sniffed to try to keep my nose from running when I stopped on another memory. This one had another boy in it, but it wasn't me. His back was turned to the demon as he leaned against the wall by the door, he almost looked like he was crying.

Someone else had discovered Laxidan, but who was it? Was Rick the Janitor telling the truth? I had to know, I wanted to talk to someone else about this whole mess. Maybe they went through the same thing I had? I had to know. The memory started to slip away and my hold on the demon's mind loosened. Laxidan had started to fight back.

No! I had to find out who this other person was, and I knew that he wouldn't tell me. I felt a stab of guilt, I didn't want to force myself through Laxidan's thoughts, this was just supposed to be a test, but my mind thirsted for the identity of this person.

I fought back, pushing down until the memory came back into my mind. I had to see his face. Laxidan pushed back harder, and I fueled more of my soul into it as my chest began to hurt more. The memory progressed, and the boy started to turn around. Just as his face was about to be revealed, I slammed into the hard shell. Laxidan fought harder to evict me from his memories as I looked for an opening in the barricade. It took a lot of effort to not be pushed out as I kept feeding more soul into my magic, almost to the point of being reckless. I still held back though, I didn't want to kill myself over it, but who was he?

I felt no opening, and I was losing my grip on the demon's mind. I had one chance. I gathered up a large portion of my soul, careful not to use too much, and forced it against the shell in one shot, like throwing a brick against a store window as hard as I could. The shell shattered, and my nose began to run uncontrollably as new, horrible visions filled my mind so fast I couldn't slow them down.

Red mountains and caverns that went on for infinity. Lakes of blood and rivers of fire. Mounds of flesh with hundreds of eyes, screaming in agony. Humans chained to walls with their innards spilled onto the floor. Golden human-like creatures that glowed in white robes and sparkling golden armor having wings ripped off by large, black monsters.

My brain felt like it was going to explode like a grocery bag filled with too many canned goods. My head hurt, a pain much greater than the one raging in my chest. I felt like I was going to disintegrate into dust right there on the spot. I had no choice, I had to let go.

I released my magic and my mind blanked with a force like a door slamming shut in my face. I became dizzy and fell back, knocking the wind out of me. I heard the rustling of chains as Laxidan knelt next to me. His face full of horror and concern was the last thing I saw before my vision went black.

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