Heavenly Demon, Chapter Eight

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Heavenly Demon, Chapter Eight

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Heavenly Demon is a fifteen-chapter novel by RCM staffer Kolemsai.
I woke up in a hospital bed. Mom and Dad were there, tears welling up in Mom's eyes and Dad was just as emotional, although he was trying to hide it. I was shocked when I saw Alyssa and Ms. Jones standing with them. I tried to sit up and felt dizzy. Mom rushed to my side, as did Alyssa.

“Oh sweetie,” Mom cried as she hugged me, “are you ok?”

“I'm fine,” I replied as I finally managed to sit up. Alyssa looked concerned as she stood next to my mother, yet she remained silent.

“I can't believe you were fighting,” Mom exclaimed as she looked at my father, who just shrugged.

“No, really Mom, he attacked me. I was just trying to defend myself.”

“Well, I'm going to have a talk with his father,” she huffed.

Ms. Jones stepped toward her, drawing eyes from my father. “I can take care of that for you Mrs. Anson,” she sang. “I feel it's partly my fault, it happened right outside my door, and I wasn't able to stop it.” She pouted her lips just in the slightest, and it was enough to make Dad blush. Even Mom's cheeks turned a little pink.

“Oh dear, it's not your fault. I tell you what, let's go together. Maybe we can get through to those boys.” Ms. Jones smiled and nodded, and they hugged. Dad's eyes went wide at, what he must have thought, was a glorious sight. He caught me looking at him, and shot me a wide toothy smile. He really was a pretty funny guy.

Alyssa crept closer to me and grabbed my hand. I looked deep into her eyes and I never wanted to look away. I realized I was in love with her. I wanted to be with her forever. It probably sounded stupid since we weren't even dating or anything, and she really only seemed to know of my existence for a couple of days, but I had known her since elementary school. I wanted to hold her and be there for her. Today, despite getting my ass kicked by a demon, was the best day of my life. But I had to face reality; Alyssa was not mine, and Jeremy would be back soon.

She squeezed my hand, smiling. Was it possible that she had feelings for me too? I would give anything for that to be true.

Ms. Jones came up and put a hand on Alyssa's shoulder. “Alyssa, dear. We need to get going.”

She looked back at her aunt, almost frustrated, but nodded. “Call me when you get home, ok?”

I nodded, and she squeezed my hand one last time before she left with Ms. Jones. The door closed, and my parents were holding each other while looking at me. Dad smiled.

“You got a great looking gal there, son. Good job!”

I sighed. “She's not my girlfriend, Dad. She's dating someone else.”

“Oh, I wouldn't count on that much longer Dev. I've got a feeling that's gonna change pretty soon.”

I barely heard him. If I wanted to live long enough to have a chance with Alyssa, I had to get these demons off my back. I cleared my mind, and called out for the only one who could help me.


His voice flooded my mind, like he was waiting for me. I am here, Devin Anson.

I need to see you, tonight.

He responded quickly. I understand. I will use my magic to have the physician discharge you immediately, and to have your parents not notice your departure. Make haste Devin. Do not be concerned of discovery. I will take care of it.

As soon as the demon stopped communicating, the doctor entered with discharge papers.

My parents drove straight home, I went inside just to grab a jacket and leave. I took my bike and rode through the woods. I wanted to get to the school as fast as possible.

Laxidan was waiting for me as I entered his chamber. I knew it was rhetorical for me to speak to him when he could read my mind, but I was going to do this my way.

“I have been attacked by two demons in three days. What's going on?”

Laxidan did not hesitate. “You possess something that is highly sought after among demonkind. I am afraid I cannot tell you more than this, and I apologize. You will find out the full story by week's end, I promise you that.”

I was frustrated, but I applauded the demon before me. I wouldn't think that keeping a promise was high in their moral code of conduct.

The demon chuckled. I wish he wouldn't read my mind when I was right in front of him.

“As you wish, Devin Anson.” I hoped that this was a promise he could keep.

“Do you know the demons that attacked me?”

“I do. The succubus that you encountered near your home is Felliste. She is very ancient, much older than I, and she is very skilled at what she does with the mind.”

“What did she want with me?”

Laxidan hesitated for a second. “She is my jailor. I can only guess that she read your mind and found out about our encounter.”

“Guess?” I blurted. “Can't you read her mind too?”

“No, I cannot,” the demon replied in a calm tone. “Demonic magic does not work against other demons.”

That didn't make any sense to me, but it wasn't my concern at the moment. “And what about today?”

Laxidan looked me in the eyes. “Steven Francis is no demon.”

I was shocked, which was seeming to become a regular thing lately. That was impossible!

“But I felt him try to steal my soul!”

“Ah,” Laxidan responded, waving a finger at me like a teacher would, “you assume he was trying to steal your soul.” Now I was thoroughly confused.

“Let me demonstrate.” I stepped back, reflexively. “I promise, I will not harm you.” Reluctantly I relaxed. “Now, do not fight what I am going to do. Just please trust me, or this will not work.”

I cringed but nodded. I did not try to resist. Immediately sensations washed over me. Laxidan was the most beautiful man alive, and I wanted nothing more than to be with him forever. I felt the tentacles massaging my brain again, the same as I did with the succubus. I trusted in Laxidan, I love him. I would kill for him, I...

It stopped so suddenly that I stumbled a bit. It was amazing what he could do to my mind, to anyone's mind, yet terrifying at the same time. What incredible power! I looked at the demon, and he looked normal. He was still perfect, but I no longer lusted after him.

“Did you feel the pain?”

I shook my head, my mouth was dry. Maybe he just didn't try to take my soul.

“I will do it again, this time try to resist.”

Before I could even nod I felt the tentacles again. I had never been attracted to another man before, but I would have given anything to bed Laxidan right then.

Wait, no! I loved Alyssa! I would not let this demon have my soul! I screamed as my chest began to burn, and my fury fueled my push against the tentacles. It was much easier now than it had been against the succubus, and I halted the incubus' mental assault.

“You see,” Laxidan said as he walked closer to me cringing on the ground, “I did not attempt to take your soul either time.”

The pain subsided as I calmed down. I caught my breath as I sat in front of the demon.

“So what is happening to me then?”

The incubus sat in front of me. “I do not know how, but you, Devin Anson, are the first mortal EVER to wield demonic magic.”

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